Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Oct. 10, 2019)

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Thank you

My colleagues on the Kansas Supreme Court and I wish to thank the people of El Dorado and El Dorado High School for hosting us for our special session Oct. 7. So many people went out of their way to make us feel welcome.

We appreciate the Monday luncheon hosted by the Butler County Bar Association. Later that afternoon we also enjoyed interacting with about 1,600 students at six area schools and were impressed with their level of interest and knowledge.

We were especially pleased with turnout for our hearings that night. It is estimated that about 400 people came to El Dorado High School to watch the oral arguments in person.

Perhaps the most gratifying part of our trip was meeting so many people from Butler County and nearby areas at the reception after the hearings concluded. It was our pleasure to personally shake your hands, visit with you, and thank you for being there to help us make history.

We have visited other cities over the last nine years in our effort to help our fellow Kansans see even more of the judicial branch of our government. Our welcome in El Dorado and at El Dorado High School was enthusiastic and genuinely warm. We thank you.

Chief Justice Lawton Nuss, Kansas Supreme Court

Sheril Logan

Serving children in the Wichita Public Schools is a privilege and an important responsibility. Sheril Logan, a candidate-at-large for the Wichita Board of Education, knows this and eagerly awaits the opportunity to continue her work for the children in USD 259. Sheril's reputation is well-known as a classroom teacher, reading coordinator, school district administrator and assistant dean at Wichita State University. She has considerable experience. She knows and values the significance of education in society.

As a board member, she knows the need for a clear vision of this role and will be able to communicate policies to the community. She believes that a physically sound district budget is needed to meet the needs of all students. She will continue to be an advocate for the interests of the Wichita schools with city, state and federal governments.

Sheril is a good listener to students and families. Her responses are prompt and thoughtfully given. I have known Sheril for many years and have worked with her on many occasions. I have found her to be knowledgeable and dedicated and a tireless worker for all students.

Sheril Logan has a heart for children and for this community. I encourage you to vote for her.

Barbara Firestone, Wichita

Jenek and Whipple

I just saw a commercial for Wichita on TV. They were flashing shiny new buildings and projects throughout. They were telling us how cool it is to live in Wichita. I love Wichita as much as the next guy, but I hate what City Hall is doing to it.

Many parts of Wichita are terribly neglected. Kids walk to school along busy streets without sidewalks. There are neighborhoods with rutted dirt roads and no sewers. I’m not against development, but there needs to be balance. Neighborhoods need to be supported. Their taxes are being usurped for pet projects and questionable choices by city administrators. Selling developers riverfront land for a dollar an acre exemplifies both. So does the way the water contract got handed out.

After living in Wichita for 25 years, I am beginning to understand how the City Council gets those unanimous votes on things. There must be some serious arm twisting behind closed doors. This is not a reflection of what the citizens of Wichita want and it’s not right. The things going on at City Hall are not OK, voting for Beckie Jenek and Brandon Whipple would be a good start on fixing things.

Russ Pataky, Wichita


If Trump is allowed to abandon the Kurds in Syria, after they have fought our fight, been our surrogate military in the battle against ISIS, and will face being massacred by Turkey backed by Putin/Russia, without even a whimper by the citizens of the United States, then Trump has truly taken our country from being a laughingstock, to a Banana Republic, to a pariah that any country would be a fool to align with.

Victoria Denton, Wichita