Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Oct. 8, 2019)

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One is too many, but when 22 veterans a day commit suicide in this nation we must stop and ask why.

This is unacceptable. Never have there been so many organizations to support returning veterans, so how is this happening? Are we falling short somehow? Is the VA completely broken and unable to effectively council these patriots? Where are our shortcomings?

One thought. A suspicion I’ve had for a long time. One factor that may contribute to this heartbreaking statistic is apathy. We, the people have lost sight of our heritage and values. How empty are our flag poles on holidays? How empty are the chairs at Memorial Day services? Do you know the Pledge of Allegiance? The first lines of our Constitution? Do you? Do you think our returning veterans don’t notice these things? I assure you they do.

Veterans Day is approaching. Do a vet a favor. Shake their hand. Donate to a support organization. And please, most importantly, fly your flag and show them you give a damn that they sacrificed greatly for all of us. Please, lift them up.

Douglas Simpson, Wichita


The process for impeaching Richard Nixon was initiated Feb. 6, 1974, when the House of Representatives passed resolution H Res. 803 that gave the House Judiciary Committee authority to investigate whether sufficient grounds existed to impeach President Nixon of high crimes and misdemeanors. The process for impeaching Bill Clinton was initiated Oct. 8, 1998, when the House passed resolution H Res. 611 that gave the House Judiciary Committee authority to investigate whether sufficient grounds existed to impeach President Clinton of high crimes and misdemeanors.

But in the case of Donald Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decreed that the precedents established by the only two modern impeachments are not to be repeated in the impeachment of Donald Trump. Not only has she dictated that a resolution passed on a roll call of votes by the whole House is no longer to be part of the process, she has also given authority to the House Intelligence Committee and not the House Judiciary Committee to investigate whether sufficient grounds exist to impeach President Trump of high crimes and misdemeanors.

There is little doubt that Pelosi is adept at subterfuge, and having the equally deceitful Adam Schiff at the helm rather than the inept Jerrold Nadler serves her all the better.

Ron A. Hoffman, Rose Hill

President Trump

I am so sick of Trump using a broad brush stroke claiming all Liberals and Democrats as hating America. Yes, I am sure there are some people who do hate America, but fortunately the vast majority of Americans, no matter which side they are on, love our country. We do care and we do love our country. There are extremists on both sides, but Trump can’t see the forest for the trees.

When Trump questioned the loyalty of some Jewish voters just because they did not vote for him, that’s called a temper-tantrum. He hardly ever uses the word “we” when speaking about our country and consistently uses the word “I,” feeding his own ego. Every time he does he sounds like a dictator rather than a president.

We are a Republic, not a theocracy or a dictatorship. Trump recently claimed our country would be overrun with crime, poverty and immigrants if Democrats seize power — as if they would take it by force — in Washington. It is no wonder the division our country suffers from has gotten wider instead of shrinking. It will be nice when Trump is voted out of office in 2020.

Floyce Wattson, Wichita