Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Oct. 5, 2019)

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Water, Bryan Frye

Huge kudos to the Wichita Eagle and investigative reporter Chance Swain for the expose on the proposed Wichita water treatment plant. One need be only mildly aware of the horrific water problems in Flint, MI, to understand that a state-of-the-art replacement for our failing plant is likely the most significant decision that this, or any Wichita City Council, will ever make.

While many things in the article will rightfully upset readers, I found a hero in Bryan Frye, the lone council member, who, along with City Manager Robert Layton, is pushing for open meetings. Frye was also the only council member to meet individually with the Eagle, where he expressed frustration and concern about how the water plant decision has been handled. Despite being a member of “the selection committee that unanimously favored Jacobs,” Frye was evidently blindsided by the “decision to go with the low bid on such an important project.”

Surely the Eagle’s revelations about the proposed water plant will shame this council into voting to reinstate Jacobs Engineering. (Though I’ll never understand how, when Jacobs was originally the unanimous recommendation, Longwell got the council to consider his inferior alternative.

Thanks to you, Wichita Eagle and Bryan Frye, there’s hope!

Lynn Stephan, Wichita


If you don’t want a socialist for president, surely you don’t want one backed by the communists. Yet, Thursday, the current president asked for just that: assistance from Communist China in digging up dirt on his most likely election opponent.

Never in the history of the United States has a president so openly sought personal political assistance from a communist nation. Never.

Yet now we have a president who raves about the greatness of dictators and communists — China’s Xi, Russia’s Putin, North Korea’s Kim, and the like — while ridiculing and insulting the democratically elected leaders of our allies.

We have a president who speaks with a vicious and personal hatred of anyone who isn’t entirely with him. We have a president who openly, reflexively lies while openly flouting the law and then brags about his own “greatness.”

America has sunk to this level, but not because of his moral failings: we empowered this low-life crook, and we are to blame. Until we act to remove him from office, we are guilty of his crimes, his disgraceful, degenerate misconduct, and his open betrayal of the United States and our laws and values. We must recover our dignity and honor, reject and replace him, and make America great, again.

Richard Harris, Wichita

Mike Pompeo

For years, I have been led to believe Mike Pompeo was among the smartest people to ever walk the land of Kansas politics. So, one can imagine my total surprise that when he was offered the opportunity to return to Kansas and be a “shoo-in” to replace the retiring Kansas Senator, Pat Roberts, Pompeo instead choose to cast his lot with the president.

Now it appears Pompeo has had his reputation soiled and perhaps his political ascent come to a screeching halt. He decided to roll the dice, only to have them come up snake eyes. As a result, his desire to one day be the occupant of the White House just might earn him a cell in the “big house.” Not very smart in my book.

James Barfield, Wichita


The front page story in Sunday’s Wichita Eagle is another case in point of the importance of a free press and persistent investigative journalism. The best interests of Wichitans and good government there is important to us beyond Wichita.

Sue Ice, Newton