Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Sept. 25, 2019)

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Open Streets

The Wichita Symphony’s concert on Sunday, Sept. 22, was fabulous, featuring new concertmaster Holly Mulcahy and associate concertmaster Timothy Jones playing the Bach Double Violin Concerto. The Wichita Symphony adds so much to our arts community. Unfortunately, some poor city planning blocked access for many who tried to attend due to the Open Streets event. It is good to attract youth to the downtown, and Open Streets is a fine event, but there are a lot of elderly patrons who could not drive in for drop off in front of the venue due to the closing of Douglas and the entry to the Century II drive. Parking is only one issue when multiple events are held, but the city should at least make sure that the venue is accessible for patrons.

Laura Ice, Wichita

Trump column

In regards David Leonhardt’s column that ran in the Eagle in Sept. 24, I don’t believe I have ever read such a bevy of scurilous lies, inuendos, untruths and misleading statements regarding our current president. The man is an unguided Trump hater of the first degree, showing poor journalistic talent and lack of any proof of anything stated. It’s easy to see why the New York Times is getting such a poor reputation. The fact that the Eagle would even print this shows their bias. He certainly has a right to express his opinion, but lacks any responsibility in doing so. You may not like our president’s demeanor, overzealous reactionary ways and seeming lack of class, but he gets things done that the great “silent majority” needs done. Its time for substance and not form as in the past.

Mike Mawhirter, Derby

Medical graduates

Michael Lievens’s piece about the important role that international medical graduates play in Wichita was spot-on (”International medical graduates keep Wichita strong, vibrant,” Sept. 19 Eagle).

In many cases, “international” is a bit of a misnomer. Many of these physicians are actually U.S. citizens who simply went abroad for their medical degrees. More than six in 10 graduates of Caribbean medical schools, for example, are U.S. citizens, according to the Federation of State Medical Boards.

Three-quarters of students at the school I lead, St. George’s University in Grenada, are U.S. citizens. This summer, five of our graduates started medical residencies in Kansas -- including three in Wichita.

G. Richard Olds, Grenada


Thank you to Bishop Kemme for the list of priest with “substantiated sex abuse case”; a more complete list needs to include the names of the bishops supervising these accused priests. For example, Bishop Eugene Gerber supervised eight of the listed priests — only one priest was criminally charged, while the others were “removed from ministry.” Priests “removed from ministry” and not turned over to the police makes not only Gerber, but also Bishops Carroll and Maloney complicit in concealing these wicked criminals.

Denise O’Leary-Siemer, Wichita


It’s great the youth turned out for climate change demonstrations. Absolutely fantastic, but I believe they have gotten ahead of themselves just a bit. The youth should start by doing some real change by pulling up those pants, cleaning themselves up and looking like a viable young adult instead looking like a garbage can. Perhaps if the youth took some stock and pride in their appearance it would go further with looking professional. It’s almost impossible to respect those who are void of any self-respect of a positive image. The youth need to fix their foundation before trying to fix the climate. The youth need to ditch those 20% air jeans with rips and slashes in them and then come talk about what’s wrong with the air and climate. Garbage truck drivers dress nicer than the youth and look more professional. The youth today are upside down. If you want to sell your idea or present your cause, clean up and look the part. The youth are as trashed out as the climate they complain about.

Jaycob Roll, Bel Aire

Thanks, Wichita

I want to thank city planners and road crews for the repairs made to Lincoln Street between Oliver and Clifton, especially north and west of St. Francis Ministries. What an improvement!

I also want to thank the grounds crews who are trying hard to keep up with the mowing of the amazing growing grass in Wichita.

Gail Routsong, Wichita