Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on nature, scooters and delayed reporting (Sept. 22, 2019)

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Nature of nature

The nature of nature is interdependence, we call it the web of life. Below ground is an ecosystem of soil microbes that bring nutrients to plants, and plants send food to their roots, and drop leaves to feed the soil microbes. The soil feeds plants, plants feed people, and if we’re smart, we feed the soil and become a symbiotic connection in the web.

The problem is, we have fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides; we kill soil microbes, grow crops that lack nutrition, we pack and ship vegetables before they are mature and process foods and remove the nutrients. What we do to the web, we do to ourselves. If soil is not healthy, plants are not healthy, and we are not healthy, not resistant to disease. What you don’t pay at the grocery store you pay to the petro-agro-chemical companies, and to the corporate health care system.

The solution: Learn to cook, feed your children fresh vegetables, locally grown, without chemicals, and know where your food comes from. Buy strictly grass fed beef, bison and lamb; buy organic pork or chicken. If you don’t cook, seek out restaurants that prepare locally grown, nutrient-dense food. Reconnect with the nature of nature.

Robert DuTeau, Wichita


I was in my car behind a scooter on East Douglas, and I admit it: I wanted to run it down. It was holding up the flow of traffic, not just me. Having made these things legal for street use is the most boneheaded thing our City Council has done recently, and all things considered, that’s saying a lot.

An article in the Sept. 11 Eagle regarding this subject (“So how’s it going with all those scooters on Wichita streets?”) reports Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board member and City Council candidate Christopher Parisho saying that having to watch out for the scooters reminds motorists that they have to share the street. It goes on to quote him, “It was there before the scooters came along that there was a mindset among motor vehicle drivers that they owned the roads. And now they’re having to come to the realization that they don’t, which is a good thing as long as nobody gets hurt in the process.”

No, Mr. Parisho, the addition of these idiotic scooters has not changed the collective mindset of the Wichita driver. The streets ARE here for motor vehicles, and they DO own them. And it’s just a matter of time before someone on a scooter is run down, for whatever reason. They have no place on our streets.

Evon Russell, Wichita

Delayed reporting

With regards to the women you claim give you a bad name, we should look at some facts.

The reason for delayed reporting of assault and harassment is because of the very attitude you espouse. The thoroughly researched reasons for delayed reporting is 1) Shame and embarrassment 2) Not wanting their children or family to know 3) Previous abuse as a child or adult where accusations were not handled seriously or dismissed 4) Fear of retaliation from the offender.

As for military sexual assault, victims undoubtedly fear and delay reporting because they do not have the same protections as civilians. The Military Justice Improvement Act was specifically created to ensure victims could report timely, and yet it took years to get to a vote and still isn’t implemented.

While you say you have “no use” for these women, I have no use for those who do not seek to understand facts and data that support “why” delayed reporting exists. I have no use for those who sit back and ramble on about the demise of others instead of getting out there, sharing their success, and possibly bringing about a path of resolution to victims.

Amy Lyon, Wichita