Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on President Trump, assault accusations and 2nd Amendment (Sept. 18, 2019)

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Jay Ambrose's claim about "excessive speculation" on the part of the media about Trump's criminality having started the day he was elected is an example of what happens when a conservatives gets his hands on silly putty (“Why a great spy for the US is no longer spying,” Sept. 17 Eagle).

For decades in New York there have been stories about Trump's ties to organized crime and money laundering. And yet at every turn the minority group called the conservatives in this country continues to defend this president while demanding that the Clintons be prosecuted for their "crimes." There have been so many stories fabricated about Bill and Hillary Clinton the past couple of decades that it is hard to keep up. For example, has the total number of folks murdered by the Clintons in order to keep their "secrets" secret passed the three-hundred mark yet?

And who is really fanning these flames? Trump himself, that's who. Just the other day he tweeted that instead of investigating him the US House should be investigating former President Obama, which was the same crude tactic used by mobster Al Capone who for years avoided successful prosecution because of claims that the real criminals were the district attorneys and police commissioners who were investigating him.

Michael Betz, Wichita


All you women out there who are bringing accusation of assault from years go, stop it! You’re making all women look like fools and making it impossible to believe accusations of true assault. As a women I have no use for other women who show up years or decades later with accusations of rape or bad behavior by a guy at a party or a workplace. If that occurs, barring the man saying he’ll kill you if you tell, then say something. And I mean then, not later. You should not be allowed to show up years or decades after an alleged incident which makes it all but impossible to corroborate your story or allow the guy you’ve accused to defend himself in any meaningful way.

Now I am not talking about repressed memories of assault as a child or an abused wife or girlfriend who can’t leave because she’s threatened with her life, those are categories all their own and should be treated that way. I have spent 45 years in the workplace, three of them in the Army, and I have encountered few iffy situations with a guy that could not be handled with simply telling him off and walking away. More women should try that and save us all the drama.

Kathleen Butler, Wichita

2nd Amendment

I strongly support the 2nd Amendment and have been an NRA member for decades. There are a lot of people who are unfamiliar with, and scared to death of, firearms these days and now Walmart has requested that people not openly carry firearms in their stores.

Two Saturdays in a row I have witnessed guys in the store with guns on their hips. Thanks a lot.

You guys that are apparently starring in your own movies are going to be just as responsible for getting Democrats elected as any mass shooting or gang violence headline that CNN could ever hope for. Please, consider the impression that you are making on people that do not understand or care about the importance of the 2nd Amendment. They might vote.

Yes, it’s your right. But it’s only your right, right now.

Steve Fowler, Wichita