Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Saturday Eagle, climate change, 2nd Amendment, immigration and shootings (Aug. 16, 2019)

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Saturday Eagle

My grandchildren visit about once a month and if they spend the night they always wake up to me reading the paper at the kitchen table. On one such visit my son-in-law was on his phone as I was reading the paper and his son walked up and said “what’s that grandma?” With a wink to me his dad said “that’s yesterdays news grandma’s reading.” But before my grandson could walk away I said, what your father is telling you is only partly true. This may be yesterday’s news, but its a lot more. What he gets on his phone just happened, but what I get in this paper is the how and the why not just the when and the where given to me by people who are trained to get it right.

I’m sorry that the Eagle will not publish on Saturdays, but I understand why. If college educated people like my kids and their spouses don’t buy the print version, why print it for 62-year-olds like me with the requisite printing and transportation costs? Of course I’ll miss reading the paper on my deck on a nice summer morning after the din of working in an aircraft plant all week without the lights of an electronic device to distract me, but change is inevitable and I’ll adjust. I just thank you for printing the paper as long as you have. And when the time comes you don’t print it all, I’ll be sad, but as I have for the last 40 years, I’ll keep reading.

Kathleen C. Butler, Wichita

History and climate change

I would highly recommend a visit to the Sternberg Museum in Hays. According to the museum, our planet has gone through hundreds of thousands of years of warming and cooling.

At one time, the area now known as Kansas was covered in ice, and then it warmed and it was covered by the ocean. As our planet continued to warm during the Jurassic Period, dinosaurs roamed the continental United States.

When I was viewing the geologic exhibits, I began pondering how these climatic change came about without coal fired plants, airplanes or automobiles. It appears the climate of our planet has changed and will continue to change regardless of whether humans try to intervene.

My conclusions after view the museum's exhibits were: 1) that our planet’s climate has changed and will continue to change and humans will never have any control over this dynamic universal process. 2) That the Green New Deal as proposed by some in the Democrat Part is a complete hoax designed to take control of our lives through fear.

Edward Myers, Newton

The Second Amendment

The political cartoon in the Aug. 13 Eagle is just excellent. The Second Amendment specifies in its first sentence: "a well regulated militia"....... to ignore this mandate is to violate this amendment.

Alfred James III, Augusta

Message to immigrants

While we focus on the wall and who pays for it, President Trump is building an invisible wall to keep immigrant families of color out.

The newly-final public charge regulation is part of that sweeping government-wide assault on immigrant families. From DHS and the State Department to HUD, the Social Security Administration, and the USDA, he’s weaponizing basic needs to send immigrant families one message: if you’re not white and you’re not wealthy, you’re not welcome here. That’s what the real border shutdown looks like.

We all must fight back against this racist, abusive policy.

Forrest Ehmke, Wichita

Provoking God’s wrath

Well it’s happened again, more mass shooting and we still ask why. Perhaps we should ask another question: why do people go to church if they don’t believe the Bible?

Don’t we know we have provoked God’s wrath by legalizing sin? No amount of God’s love ever changed his laws. The miracles God did in the Bible defy human explanations, and it will be a miracle for God to head our land. But it begins with us.

Let’s ask ourselves three questions: Why is abortion legal, it is murder; why is evolution taught when science can’t prove it; and why are convicted murderers sentenced to life instead of executed.

These things happened because Christians have become like sand on the street, not salt of the earth.

Until Christians change, God’s wrath will continue.

Russell Purser, Wichita