Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on violence, tactics and downtown (Aug. 13, 2019)

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Root causes

Proposed gun controls at any level are little more than Band-Aids on a gaping wound. Elimination of assault weapons, expansion of purchase checks and red-flag rules will do little with so many weapons already out there. I am certainly not against Band-Aids, as they may actually stop some future attacks, but these things are not a cure. We need a cure.

We must understand and eliminate the root causes of the attacks. I believe the origin of the attacks lie in our culture. Until we make the needed changes in the underlying environment that breeds the attacks, they will not stop.

The problems come from a moral and spiritual deficiency in our society. The inequality, racism, hate, and prejudice systemic in our society must be attacked. We must create an environment where every individual is allowed and encouraged to reach their highest potential regardless of race, religion or social class.

Government has a part in making sure that laws and resources are available. But as individuals we must step up to our responsibility to reach out and be inclusive and work on our own shortcomings.

Richard Vore, Wichita

Tactics and issues

Regarding Aug. 9 letter to the editor “Culture and Life,” the writer uses two Republican tactics: changing the subject and branding their positions. Bringing abortion into a discussion about guns killing living, breathing humans is an effort to change the subject. This is a tactic used when you cannot counter an argument. Second is the branding of “pro-life.”

Abortion and gun deaths are two different issues, this is just a dodge used by Republicans to change the subject until the heat is off and they can follow the NRA directives. I would think if you are so “pro-life” you would be outraged at the almost 40,000 gun deaths a year. “Pro-lifer”s don’t want to end abortion, just make it illegal. What they want to do is to impose their narrow, rigid ideology upon everyone else. If they were really concerned with abortions, they would support birth control instead of outlaw it, sex education instead of abstinence only. If they are really pro-life, they would want a living wage that can support fetuses after they are born. They would also not back divisive politicians whose rhetoric drives mentally unstable people to mass murder and they would keep guns out of the hands of terrorists and the mentally ill.

J. Duncan, Wichita

Riverfront plan

I tried to speak up on Century II at the Wichita Boathouse, but my comments were not welcomed. I was told this was not an open forum and to go online to the Riverfront legacy website or participate in a design ‘game’ at the end of the presentation. The forum was an event to present only one view of what should be done. So who has the accountability and transparency of decisions made by our local government?

The proposed riverfront development appears to be a done deal with public relations firm hired, Populous Kansas City architectural firm on retainer, and development people in attendance. When Century II was initially created over a 15 year timeline that began in 1955, the project proceeded only when citizens had voted yes on the special bond election for the civic auditorium in 1961. We have a very different process today. If the current mayor and City Council members are listening, the most important priority for my tax dollars is for a new municipal water facility. I’d rather have safe, clean drinking water than a new riverfront development. Who’s listening?

Celeste Bogart Racette, Wichita


Happy Tuesday. I think it is as good a day as any for Rep. Ron Estes, Sen. Jerry Moran and Sen. Pat Roberts to re-consider their callous indifference to the following issues:

1. The concentration camps being run in the United States — we must disband and destroy all of these camps, and my elected officials must enact legislation outlawing them, so we can truly say “never again” alongside those in history who suffered in similar circumstances.

2. The rampant gun violence in our country — there are empirically-validated solutions to the problems we have. Unfortunately, there is no scientific way to explain why we should value human lives more than the so-called “right to bear arms.” Rep. Estes, Sen. Moran and Sen. Roberts must support common-sense gun reform or live with the blood of all gun violence victims on their hands.

Adrian Waller, Wichita