Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on shootings and scooters (Aug. 6, 2019)

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Gun violence

To paraphrase, the gun doesn’t kill, it’s the person, so the saying goes. However, in fact, the ammunition used in assault type weapons (the apparent weapon of choice) is designed to kill with a vengeance. Outlawing this type of weapon is nearly impossible. Even when we had a ban, the manufactures would change some insignificant part to circumvent the law. A ban on the ammunition used in these weapons should be our focus. Yes, in the case of the deranged individuals, he (usually) will find another weapon to use but at least maybe the total destruction won’t be quite as bad.

Speaking of those deranged individuals, we worry about those heathen Muslims and gang-member Mexicans entering our country but in reality it is the white patriotic Christian we should be watching. I believe all of the mass shootings in the USA have been carried out by one of our own. Just speculation but I bet if those in power wouldn’t condone, or at least would condemn such talk we might also be better off.

Danny Clemmer, Wichita

Time to change

Another mass shooting, no two more mass shootings. And what happens? The media will talk about them 24/7. Some people will say we need more laws, we need universal background checks, need to ban assault weapons. Others will say we have too many laws, we need to have everyone carry a weapon. The president and Congress will send their thoughts and prayers. So then what happens? Nothing. And soon another shooting will take place and the above scenario will take place again.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity. When will this insanity stop? Not until we stop this nonsense of talking and taking no action. Something has to change. Now, not later.

Jerry Whetstone, Wichita

Mental health

Guns don't kill people, it is the human operating the gun who can either kill a terrorist and protect us or can be the killer killing an innocent. Unfortunately, for both of the mass shootings, in Texas and in Ohio, it was yet again the human being operating the machine, not the machine itself.

Unfortunately, in America, with too much freedom comes the challenge. Now, the anti-gun lobbyists, intellectuals and think-tanks will go on a spree against guns and will start chanting the song of gun control.

In reality, it is mental health and communal harmony that need to be controlled. Existing federal law regarding firearms is enough to prevent a weapon from getting into the wrong hands. But there is no law on this planet that can control or regulate the mind of a terrorist, for he has crossed the basic level of sanity.

How about we stop wasting millions of dollars fighting against guns and start pouring that money into communities to build trust, to build communal and cross-cultural harmony, and to promote and strengthen the ever lingering need of a mentally healthy and sound population.

Anwar Shadat Jihan, Wichita


I was driving south on Hillside in the right lane. Suddenly a woman on a scooter moved from the left turn lane into the south bound left lane in front of three cars going 35 mph. Sudden braking was made by all cars around her. She was going all of about 10 mph. She had no protective gear, i.e., helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, etc. She was a hazard to herself and to all the traffic around her. Now we have to look out for those stupid scooter riders. God help scooter riders because they are not helping themselves.

Ross Moon, Wichita