Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on recycling, LGBTQ protections, tobacco, tweets and development (May 22, 2019)

Good news

Page 12A of Sunday’s paper contained the most hopeful article I have read in recent months (“China’s scrap ban provides boon for US recyclers”). Since China prohibited imports of U.S. recycling material, the future of our recycling efforts has been dim. Your article reports that U.S. companies now are starting to reprocess this waste. How wonderful that American jobs are being created as we utilize what we discard. That is the beauty of recycling! As the article concludes, “the society that produces plastic scrap will become responsible for recycling it.”

Ann Engert, Wichita

Special protections

The Wichita Eagle Editorial Board opinion “It’s time: Wichita district policy should protect LGBTQ students” ( May 17 Eagle) is unreasonable. It calls into question why we should protect unnatural and asexual behavior and why the other types — IA+, etc. — were not mentioned.

The protection argument is a call for special protection of the LGBTQ participants. All persons in the United States are protected by the same rules, regulations and law and that includes LGBTQ students. The only real effect of establishing special protection would be to silence discussion on the negative effect to the individual and society. This would be an attempt to counter the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Discussion on this subject is absolutely essential, but not special protection.

Morality is not a part of this discussion. However, it should be considered when using the power of government to control religious persons. No major religion believes God condones this behavior. Supporting this behavior may well have negative eternal consequences on the participants and those they influence. We should love our fellow citizens and try to create peace with God.

James Kilpatrick Jr., Wichita


I’ve devoted my career as a P.E. teacher to working with students, helping them live longer, healthier lives.

In 2018, more than 25% of high school students and about 7% of middle school students reported using some type of tobacco product in the past 30 days, and one in five high-school-age kids reported using e-cigarettes — an increase of 78% from the previous year.

If Wichita established a tobacco-free parks and trails policy, it would benefit everyone.

Outdoor spaces like parks and trails are places that promote health and well-being. Plus, its an environment where children see positive role modeling. We owe it to our kids, to our grandkids, to the next generation to take this step and enforce a policy to change the rising stats, and impact Wichita.

Merri Copeland, Wichita

Double standard

Kansas Senators voted down Judge Jeffrey Jack’s nomination 38-0 because some of his old tweets were laced with profanities and targeted Donald Trump and Republicans, stating that it would “impugn the dignity of his office and call into question his ability to serve as a judge.” Meanwhile, we have a person in the highest office in the United States that not only has some old tweets laced with profanity and targeting people, but they continue to have them today.

Wayne Powers, Derby

Private development

It was a great article from Denise Neil about the Waterfront spaghetti restaurant (“New pasta place should open in about 6 weeks,” May 20 Eagle). However, it omitted an important fact: They are employing 100 people without any subsidy from the city. If this was going downtown, the city would have given them the TIFs, CIDs and whatever else they could come up with. I’m excited to see and support private development.

JA Cusick, Wichita