Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on respect in schools, parking meters, WaterWalk and women’s rights (May 18, 2019)

Respect goes both ways

Roughly 4% of the U.S. population identifies as LGBTQ, so it can be assumed a smaller number of that is children. So why are schools twisting themselves into pretzels to accommodate this tiny percentage of students?

I have a friend who teaches in the Kansas City area and has two 12-year-old girls who have decided they’re boys and not only want to be addressed as boys but have demanded to use to the boys rest room. The school has had to say yes or face a lawsuit. Because in this day and age it’s all about making those girls happy — forget the feelings of anyone else, such as boy standing at a urinal as a girl walks in.

No one wants anyone bullied, though I would submit that rules against beating up other students or harassing them exist. Make children treat their peers with respect. But respect goes both ways and the other 99% of students without these proclivities need their feelings considered as well. So if Wichita School Board member Ben Blankley wants to “Foster an environment where you can be yourself at school,” fine. But admit that it should apply to everyone, including those who feel very strongly about their own privacy and feelings and how those too should be respected.

Kathleen Butler, Wichita

Nightmare parking meters

If you have never encountered the type of parking meters the “expert” is now recommending for Wichita, then hope you never do. They are a nightmare for residents and especially visitors. We tried to visit the old downtown section of Galveston when we encountered them. According to the sign it was necessary to go to some building to register to even be able to use the parking space. We had no idea where the building was located and had no idea where to park while we were registering — if we could find the building. We could not simply use a credit card without registering. We finally had lunch and gave up on trying to comply with the parking regulations. Like many tourists I had planned to shop in the old downtown core area; local newspapers were literally begging visitors to go there and shop but I spent nothing except for lunch.

To add insult to injury, after returning to Wichita, we received a parking ticket from Galveston even though I had parked in an area not marked for these special parking areas. I did not pay the ticket, and do not plan to return to Galveston even though it had been a favorite holiday spot for us.

Pat Lehman, Wichita

The definition of Wichita Socialism?

Remember when the public was promised lively shops and a scenic walk along the river à la San Antonio? It is nauseating to be reminded that the city of Wichita spent $41 million to place a commercial enterprise on prime riverfront property just to see that business turn into another vacant-building eyesore. Now Wichita has to shop around to try to find some viable replacement. Is it going to be more of the same?

Show me the definition of Wichita Socialism again: Give away gobs of tax money and precious natural public assets to private enterprise and get in return a modest fountain that lights up at night. If the development contracts are not fair to the city and are not policed strenuously, the people lose big time.

Of course, we want business to flourish in Wichita. However, the people are at the least owed an investment in their civic life in exchange for city welfare.

Novelene Ross, Wichita

Women’s rights

I have long been a supporter of women’s rights ever since my mother told me, “I am a woman.”

Bob Bayer, Wichita