Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Feb. 2, 2019)

Smoking at the stadium

A recent letter (“Fewer Smoking Areas,” Jan. 29 Eagle) asserts that the smoking area at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium is “... acceptable to all attendees.” That is not true. The fact that those of us who do object have neither picketed nor filed a lawsuit does not mean we approve of this noxious practice. The deleterious health effects of smoking, for smokers and those around them, are well known and have been so for over 50 years. Ignorance of the scientific data is the only explanation for why a smoking area has been tolerated.

Dwight Oxley, Wichita

Border wall funding

So why did President Trump agree to end the government shutdown? He can fund a border wall anytime he wants. Use executive order, just like his predecessor did. Obama didn’t seek Congressional approval when he sent $150 billion to Iran, despite the fact that only Congress can ratify treaties. Perhaps you noticed that the Democrats turned down a deal to help the DACA dreamers. That’s twice now. Looks like a tactic for the long run. The 2020 election has already commenced, and Trump just led off with a stand-up double.

Michael Mackay, Mulvane

Melting pot

Let us remind ourselves that America has been known as a melting pot of all different types of ethnic groups. We as a country should be proud of how we have integrated all types of religions, races and cultures into our society. I have nothing against legal Hispanic groups from becoming citizens, but we negate the melting pot when the majority of new citizens are Hispanic.

I support a quota system to allow all different groups, such as as Asians, Africans, Polynesians and Europeans to equalize the melting pot. By having a quota system, only then can we begin to say that all ethnic groups, including white people, are minorities.

Edward Myers, Newton

Why to stop smoking

After reading “Fewer Smoking Areas,” I logged on to the CDC “Control and Prevention” page. The first sentence there should be enough to convince an intelligent smoker to stop: “Smoking leads to disease and disability and harms nearly every organ of the body.” Aside from the horrendous damage to the health of a smoker, damage to the health of non-smokers combined with the damage to the economy is evidence that smoking in all public places should no longer be tolerated.

Carol M. Webb, Wichita

Thank you, Rep. Estes

I write to thank U.S. Rep. Ron Estes for his tremendous leadership against animal abuse and the torturous practice of soring horses – intentionally injuring horses’ feet to win prized horse shows, a plague that has marred the equine world for more than half a century. As a former 8-time World Champion rider, I know first-hand how rampant this abuse is. Rep. Estes has stepped up to fight against this abuse and other forms of cruelty, and is a hero to the horses and animal lovers across the country.

We appreciate his co-sponsorship of the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act, H.R. 693. The good people of Wichita should be proud to have Estes representing them in our nation’s capital.

Marty Irby, executive director, Animal Wellness Action

A few ideas for Century II

My idea for Century II: a National 1960s Museum, a Space Toy Museum and a place for the ICT Roller girls to roll — or other uses within the framework of a conclave of entertainment — but please, no glorification of food.

Pat O'Connor, Wichita