Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Jan 1. 2019)

Carbon tax

The proposed carbon tax bill, deceitfully named the “Market Choice Act,” is a tax to be levied on emitting-industry companies at $24 per ton, increasing every year. This will be passed on to consumers as higher costs. The only choice for consumers is a massive new tax increase and unknown market distortion as the government will be picking winners and losers. Sound like a good idea … ask the rioters in France about the scam.

If the $700 billion tax legislation is to reduce global temperatures, it falls far short, so short there must be another agenda. At the initial taxation of $24 per ton, the estimated results are a reduction of thirty-one one-thousandths of one degree to global temperatures. This is minuscule cooling for the money, but is a great tax and spends opportunity for the scammers.

Kent Elder, Udall

Syria withdrawal

President Trump’s decision for a rapid withdrawal of U.S. troops in Syria drove U.S. warmongers into such a frenzy that a gaggle of senators (including Lindsey Graham, Jeanne Shaheen and Marco Rubio) pleaded with the president to reconsider. They claimed the security of America is threatened and ISIS emboldened.

Their ignorance is astounding. Trump’s decision will save umpteen lives and pre-empt an escalation that could lead to nuclear war.

Syria was invaded by foreign mercenaries funded, armed and trained by the West, giving rise to ISIS. Bashar Assad’s army defeated ISIS despite being impeded by U.S. forces. Syrians cheered Trump’s decision to exit their homeland. Read Mark Taliano’s book “Voices from Syria” to get the plain and simple truth.

Sheila Young, Hutchinson

Hatchet job

I read several positive critic reviews of the movie Vice, which is described as a biopic of former Vice President Dick Cheney. Many people who like to watch movies are more selective with their time and money than to sit through a two-hour-plus, leftist hatchet job about a former politician. Though given the choice to view something along the lines of the inane Holmes & Watson or Aquaman, targeted for teen mindsets, moviegoers may choose Vice out of Hobson’s choice. I wonder when we can expect the Joe Biden biopic? I suggest the title Gaffes or perhaps Unwelcome Kisses. We could use a comedy.

Julie Rausch, Wichita

Funding amendment

It appears both parties hold the funding process hostage to gain momentary advantage over the other side. Few of us can miss a paycheck and meet our monthly bills. It’s only fair that those responsible should be in the same boat as the rest of us.

I purpose a constitutional amendment should Congress and the president fail in the future to fulfill their constitutional duty. First, if they fail to pass a full funding bill by Sept. 30 each year, no one in either branch may leave Washington, DC, until the funding bill is passed and signed. Next, no member of Congress, their staffs or the executive branch personnel will receive a paycheck until every government employee receive a paycheck. Third, the government will cease collecting income tax withholding until the government is fully funded. These provisions will remain in effect until the entire government is fully funded. A continuing resolution will not negate this amendment.

This amendment may not prevent a future government shutdown, but it will prevent members of the entire congressional and executive branches from being paid and taking vacations after failing to fulfill their constitutional duty.

Keith Osborn, Derby