Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Oct. 23, 2018)


Voting. A word defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “an expression of opinion or preference.” A concept well-known by all Americans, considering the many things in this country decided by elections. President, judges, mayors and governors are all voted upon by the general population; and if not, they are decided by elected officials.

Interestingly, we are not voting. The 2008 US Census says that only 63% of all people registered to vote actually went out and voted. That does not seem bad, until you realize that only 72% of Americans are even registered to vote. In reality, only about 45% of America is voting.

Remember, elections come and go. But our long-standing right to vote is what makes this country unique among nations.

Pam Rosenberry, Wichita

Planting beauty

As we look forward to fall planting for "Flowers on Douglas," it is amazing how much of our community has rallied together to make this project a reality.

Our second year has been a great success due in large part to Hugh Nicks and the Master Gardeners who have donated their expertise to plant 113 pots, and thousands of plants in the spring, summer, and fall of 2018.

A big thank you goes out to The Women of Wichita, Evergy Inc. and Tree Top Nursery for our 84 hanging baskets, a new addition on Douglas Avenue this year. The contribution by Belford Electric to hang the hardware on each light pole was a true gift.

Most of all, the determined and trusty crew at Hein Lawn Service who faithfully, planned, watered, fertilized and deadheaded every single day this summer.

This project would not have been possible without Johnson's Garden Center and Dutch's Nursery, who grew beautiful plant material for us to use in our pots, and The Downtown Wichita property owners and organization for financial support and making this a priority.

We continue to be grateful for the contributions made by mail to Downtown Development and online from many in our community who wish to help with the transformation taking place in our core. Today we will donate the ferns and palms from our pots to the Sedgwick County Zoo.

The Farmhouse Fraternity at Wichita State University and Master Gardeners will pull the remaining plants from summer to be composted and make ready all pots for our fall planting. If you would like to continue to make downtown Wichita bloom please donate online at www.FlowersOnDouglas.com

We promise to help Wichita grow…beautifully!

Cindy Carnahan, Wichita

Social Security

Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, complains that we are running out of money for Social Security.

But he never mentions the fact that most of the money that has been contributed to the Social Security trust fund has been spent by Congress on favorite bridges to nowhere.

So Mitch, if you want to see who is responsible for the Social Security shortfall, please proceed to the nearest mirror.

Of course McConnell can't spend this money without the support of the other current members of Congress. To begin to correct this situation, return NO incumbents to office on Nov. 6.

Dwight Oxley, Wichita