Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (June 25)

Republicans can prove they’re pro-family

Republicans claim to be the party of family values, but not a single Republican senator has co-sponsored the Keep Families Together Act. Democrats, however, are showing that they believe in basic decency and all of them support it.

If you want to genuinely claim to be the party of family values, prove yourselves to be worthy of the claim to such a title. If you want to be the party that “thinks of the children,” prove it. Show your support and co-sponsor the Keep Families Together Act to ensure these blatantly despicable treatments of asylum seekers are ended.

Natasha Schlittenhardt, Wichita

Creating wage growth

The May jobs report had unemployment at 3.8 percent and an average hourly wage growth of 2.7 percent annually. This is good news, but the bad news is that the federal reserve is full of members who believe in the Phillips Curve. It’s a theory that says when you have wage growth you have inflation, and they need to raise interest rates to slow the economy down to counter that inflation.

Inflation is a monetary phenomenon and there are many factors other than wage growth in inflation. But my real problem is when my health insurance, taxes and dozen other things were going up and my wages stayed the same, where was this concern about 2 percent inflation then? Where was that concern when the 1 percenters were making all the income growth off of unearned income and people who work saw no wage growth?

We have a progressive income tax system. When you make more money you pay more taxes. You also consume less government services like welfare and food stamps. If you want a balance federal budget, don’t raise taxes or cut spending, create wage growth. It is that simple.

Mike Hubbell, Kingman

Bad decision by the president

The Trump administration did not solve anything by separating families and locking up children in cages.

The money spent on this disaster could be used to keep families together and helping them apply for political asylum. Trump is defeating his own policy — it’s just another way of oppressing people of color.

Sondra Luke, Wichita

A community comes to help

Halstead is a great community, and I thought I should pass along a compliment.

A local elderly woman had a roof issue on her house. A group of local men got together and re-did her roof for her.

They know who they are, and their good deed didn’t go unnoticed. Bless them all for being the good neighbors they’d want to have.

Kevin Henderson, Halstead

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