Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (June 19)

The Trump administration’s creations

Some things may be “legal,“ but at the same time be terribly immoral. Taking children from their parents simply because they are trying to enter the United States falls in that category. Enough is enough.

Overall, the present administration is the most immoral we have had in decades. Yes, our economy and the unemployment situation may on the surface look great, but it also was in 1929. The extremely dysfunctional White House is creating a bubble that will eventually burst. And in the meantime, Trump is forsaking our allies and being chummy with tyrants whom he admires and would like to be in their shoes.

America is like the Titanic, which people thought was unsinkable. There is a dangerous iceberg that is being ignored.

Jim Laney, Wichita

Using children as pawns

The Trump administration’s policy of separating families at the border, many of whom are seeking asylum, is inhumane. Holding those children in tent cities is horrific and despicable, causing needless harm and trauma.

President Trump’s use of these children as political pawns to have a bill passed that he likes on immigration is quite literally kidnapping children and traumatizing them for ransom. He is saying that the children will be made safe once Democrats pass the bill he wants. Not acceptable.

This is a violation of international law, which protects asylum seekers and refugees. Congress can stop this policy if it so chooses. Congress must vote to prevent families from being separated. Sessions used Romans 13 to justify these actions, telling us that because the government is doing it, it is automatically acceptable in the eyes of God. But Mr. Sessions must have forgotten to read the whole scripture: “Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality (Romans 12:13).

Every person must agree that our country is not one that violates international law in order to harm children and “deter” families from coming to us seeking help. Congress needs to act now.

Jennifer Musaji, Wichita

Signs of growth are all around Wichita

I just came from the grand opening of the new Advanced Learning Library. Staff hoped 500 people would show up for the books-and-more brigade from the old library to the new. Twice that many showed up, then many attended the ribbon cutting and visited this really impressive facility.

I had a little trouble navigating downtown because the Douglas Street improvement district is in full swing. Naftzger Park can begin to be refurbished. The new downtown Cargill building is under construction and that, too, is an impressive building. Mayor Jeff Longwell is negotiating a professional team to play in the planned downtown baseball stadium and Council member Pete Meitzner is getting a lot more encouragement from Gov. Jeff Colyer toward passenger rail service from Oklahoma City through Wichita.

And, of course, the Wichita flag, in addition to flying high at the Advanced Learning Library, is all over the world. It can be a logistics problem to keep all this moving forward without stepping one on the other but it’s happening. Does it make Wichita grow? I don’t know, but it sure makes it a better place to live and that, after all, is the priority.

David Babich, Wichita

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