Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (June 18)

Political perspectives

In the late 1960s, social scientist Leon Festinger introduced the classic theoretical construct “cognitive dissonance,” which basically stated the difficulty of holding a thought/belief you knew to be factually untrue without emotional distress.

This has led to what I call in 2018 “hometown umpire syndrome,” infecting both liberals and conservatives and Republicans and Democrats. Examples would be Hillary Clinton’s often stated position that any woman who accuses any man of sexual misconduct should be believed (except for the women who accuse her own husband of the same behavior).

In 2008, Barrack Obama stated that George W. Bush’s galloping budget deficits were unacceptable and un-American. Everyone knows that Obama created a larger budget deficit than all previous presidents combined.

On the Republican side, Trump supporters and members of Congress are willing to forgive any misstatement of fact, temper tantrum, or out-and-out lie. The New York Times recently concluded through fact-checking that the president has “told falsehoods” 3,000-plus times.

Syncophants Sean Hannity and Rudy Giuliani both insisted that Bill Clinton “had to” testify under oath to Kenneth Starr and that “he did not have a choice in the matter.” Using this logic, no man is above the law then or now.

Steve Woodman, Wichita

Switching sides with no objections

Which North American country denigrates Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Haiti, and African nations as a whole, and aligns itself with the leaders of North Korea and Russia?

Which North American country discourages immigration by absconding with the children of migrants?

Congress, you are part of a democracy that includes checks and balances to insure its continuation as a democracy. Where are the checks? Where is the balance? How can you stand mute? Is being the party in power more important than the good of the country?

Is the image of an alliance with North Korea and Russia what you had in mind when you supported President Trump’s efforts to make America great again? Did you ever imagine that America would kidnap children of parents wanting asylum in this country? What is happening? You’re not making America great again – you’re making us scared.

Robyn Young, Wichita

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