Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (June 14)

Money in classrooms, not construction

No matter how much tax money we pour into our public schools, they will never be satisfied. Before we continue the unending cycle of adding more and more money, we must look more closely at how our tax money is being spent.

Unlike other businesses, school districts can use tax money to lobby the Legislature and courts for more and more money.

Most of us credit our most positive learning experiences to one or more outstanding classroom teachers. The influence of those exceptional teachers has had lifelong benefits. We could have met in a tent and still learned under their tutelage.

Why do we concentrate so much spending on new buildings, regularly tearing down the old and building new every few years, when it is the classroom teachers who are the one indispensable factor in achieving a real education?

In Winfield, we have had three high school buildings in less than 70 years. All that must be said is, “It’s for the kids,” and we pony up.

Teaching should be one of the higher-paid professions, and salaries for classroom teachers should be high enough to attract the very best people and to retain those teachers who prove to be exceptional.

Grayce Abel, Winfield

Biblical values without labels

In our current political environment, we often hear those running for elected office describe their conservative values as Christian. However, their words frequently don’t match their actions. Some core biblical values that seem to be lacking among many of those folks include the following:

Grace – giving people more than they deserve irrespective of the cause of their need and without regard to national, cultural, or religious boundaries;

Love – to love the unlovely, including one’s enemy;

Justice – ensure that the weak are protected from abuse, that the poor have what they need, that the stranger is shown hospitality, and socially disadvantaged are cared for.

If we examine these core values carefully, we will find that they are also the values espoused as representative of our American society. As we prepare for another round of local and state elections, I encourage everyone to take voting seriously by examining the actions of incumbents and candidates, comparing those actions to core biblical values. Then cast votes based on the true character of the individual who seek to become our leaders, rather than simply accepting their description of themselves as Christian, faith-filled, or conservative.

Judy Johnston, Wichita

Ugliness at border

Why, after all these years, has the Trump administration decided to remove children from their parents when they come across the border? The answer is ugly.

The parents, even those coming here for asylum, are having their children removed, then they are taken into court and charged with illegal entry and told if they want to see their children quickly, they need to plead guilty. What they are not told is when they apply for asylum, they will be denied without a hearing because they are guilty of a crime, illegal entry into the United States. This will eliminate families coming to the United States for asylum. If they do, they must be willing to accept long periods of separation from their children.

This is not America, once a land that welcomes those that are in trouble or danger. And how are they keeping track of these children and the parents that they belong to so they can properly be returned?

Edward Everhart, Bel Aire

Nothing gained from summit

If President Trump’s negotiations with Kim Jong Un of North Korea is an example of his negotiating ability, I can understand why Trump went bankrupt six times. He tossed out decades of alliance with South Korea like a worn-out sock while embracing one of the most bloody dictators in modern history.

What did the United States get for this massive giveaway? Zero, nothing, a vague promise North Korea will do something about their nukes. No agreement, no verification, no time line.

I can tell you what will happen the day after we pull U.S. troops out of South Korea. North Korea will simply run over South Korea and take control of the entire country. And the lives given to protect our allies will have been for nothing while our dictator-loving president will proclaim victory.

Pat Lehman, Wichita

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