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Letters to the Editor (June 7)

Second Estes campaign is a political ploy

I am appalled at the coordinated attempt to mislead 4th District voters and undermine the electoral process with the filing of fake candidate Ron M. Estes to run against Congressman Ron Estes. Running for Congress is not a joke. It seems that Ron M. Estes must think it is useful to purposely mislead Kansas voters. When he was contacted by the news media his statement said he wanted privacy.

Fake candidate Ron M. Estes and his spouse have a history of activism in the Democratic Party. They have contributed thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates, including 2017 special congressional election nominee James Thompson. One can only wonder if there is any connection.

This type of political deception is corrosive to our form of self-government and can only undermine voters’ trust in our public servants and institutions of government. Kansans deserve better.

Mark Kahrs, Wichita

Where is the outrage?

When did we cease to become a civilized society? This policy of taking children away from their parents at the borders must stop.

If the parents need to be held, so be it, but don’t separate them from their children. These people know in their hearts that they will never see their children again.

We know that the government is not fingerprinting all these children, taking DNA, and creating files for each so the child can be returned to his or her parents in the future.

My 3-year-old great-grandson would be so panic-stricken, he wouldn’t even be able to tell you his name. What of my 10-year old great granddaughter? What dangers would she be facing? Put your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren in such a situation and you probably will never see them again.

This was not created by legislation, but by a ruling from the Justice Department. Can and will Congress, as a body of decent human beings, stand up and put a stop to this inhumanity?

This ruling rises to crimes against humanity.

Evelyn Clark, Haysville

Keeping families together

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is causing lifelong developmental trauma in children by separating them from their parents.

ICE is imprisoning legal asylum seekers for indefinite amounts of time with limited access to legal counsel and without periodic bond hearings. Do you want your tax dollars to support an agency that inflicts neglect, abuse and fatalities without consequences?

Stand with immigrants-rights groups insisting on keeping families together and defunding ICE and the Customs and Border Patrol.

Forrest Ehmke, Wichita

More shopping for health care

There needs to be more transparency for patients when dealing with health-care providers and hospitals in Kansas.

Before a procedure is performed, an estimate of procedure cost and insurance write-offs should be mandatory so competitive shopping can be done by the consumer for the lowest price. As it is, the more ignorant the health-care consumer is the more profitable for the provider.

Shopping for health care across state lines should be allowed. When other types of insurance were permitted to cross state lines, we saw an immediate drop in costs.

Why should health insurance companies be permitted to hide behind state lines shielded from the competitive marketplace?

Gregory Bontrager,


Reactions of Capitol police

I have traveled to Topeka to participate in each of the four educational, inspiring and totally non-violent rallies and demonstrations of the Poor People’s Campaign. I commend the Topeka Police (and did so personally) for an appropriate response to non-violent demonstrations on the streets, where they were polite and helpful to persons before issuing citations after choosing not to make arrests.

The same cannot be said of building security forces at Secretary of State Kris Kobach and Gov. Jeff Colyer’s offices, who were domineering, brutish and probably illegal in removing citizens during their constitutional right of assembly and protest. Protesters were noisy, but in no way threatening or blocking the officers’ accomplishment of their jobs.

We were forced to completely leave not only the buildings, but outside premises and ultimately the entire grounds of the Capitol – our public place. This was totally inappropriate and unnecessary for any law-enforcement duties.

It also speaks to the need for demonstrations. No one other than security forces spoke to those gathered or paid any attention to the grievances being raised on behalf of citizens for voting rights, health care and environmental concerns.

Shame on our supposed representatives.

Carolyn Chambers, Wichita

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