Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (May 22)

Guns as part of society

Our hateful attitudes and ramped disrespect, which is being fueled every day from the White House, television and on down, coupled with a morbid obsession with guns, is literally killing us.

The dynamics are a self-perpetuating downward spiral that will not end as long as guns are considered more important than humans.

Jim Laney, Wichita

Watch what’s around us

I watched a number of people on Sunday morning television expressing views about the most recent school shooting tragedy. Gun control is their major message, although mental health and other societal problems were mentioned.

The first commercial break showed an ad for the season finale for a popular TV show. What popped up on my TV after the litany expressing gun control? A giant hail of machine-gun fire culminating in a gigantic fireball explosion.

This is what we allow our entertainment industry to feed us. We give a pass to the industry for conflict resolution through firepower, but fail to recognize that a portion of our population can not separate fiction and reality. Why can't we connect those dots to our societal problems?

Larry Novak, Augusta

The choices in education

Expecting and rewarding performance and accountability is not giving up on public education, but in fact the very thing that will help improve it. Competition is absolutely what is needed to improve education outcomes.

Kris Kobach’s recommendations (“Kobach: Schools should be rewarded, punished,” May 12 Eagle), however, do not go nearly far enough to bring choice to education. So long as governments intend to participate in the serious and important need to educate people, they should do so fully respecting everyone’s choices.

Taking money via taxation from people for the purposes of their education and not returning any of it to them to be spent on alternative education systems of their choosing does not speak well of any government that would have us believe it has our interests at heart.

Ron A. Hoffman, Rose Hill

An American show of strength

Kathleen Butler would have us believe that Barack Obama was negotiating a peace agreement between Palestine and Israel, and Donald Trump “blew it away” by opening the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem (May 17 letters). How can a peace be achieved by insulting one of the principals, as Obama did with Israel?

He even interfered with Israeli elections. The truth is that there was no negotiation taking place and Obama was one of three other presidents who had promised to do what Trump did.

By pulling out of the Iran agreement and the Paris Accord, Trump has corrected two pacts that were grossly unfair to U.S. interests. Some of our allies complained because they realized economic benefits from our mistakes. The U.S. would have had to pay the majority of the costs of the Paris Accord and some countries increased trade with Iran when sanctions were lifted. The U.S. received nothing from the Iran agreement. Obama gave Iran billions of tax dollars.

We now have a president who refuses to apologize for America and wants to make it great again. We are not cowering when threatened by Russia, Syria, Korea or China.

Hank Schichtle, Augusta

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