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Letters to the Editor (May 20)

Promote voting in Kansas, don’t hide it

The question is why would Sedgwick County want to limit information on voting by cutting $100,000 out of the election commissioner’s budget, thus limiting the number of citizens who have information on early voting.

Now, many of these citizens will either not vote or will vote on election day, creating another problem. There are really not enough polling places to accommodate an increased number of voters — without long lines — due to the fact that the previous election commissioner cut the number in half. Long lines may, again, cause citizens to not vote.

The irony of all this is that after every election, statistics show that so many more people could have voted but didn’t. The League of Women Voters Wichita-Metro supports reinstatement of the original $100,000, plus an increase in polling places.

The right to vote is one of the most important freedoms we have. People have died so that American citizens can exercise that freedom. There should be no barriers to voting — budgetary, location, unnecessary laws, transportation, informational or manipulation. Citizens should be able to vote easily.

Sharon Ailslieger and Pat Reinhold,

co-presidents, League of Women

Voters Wichita Metro

Rep. Estes isn’t avoiding Kansans

As the president of a family business located in Newton, I want to respond to the recent letter to the editor criticizing Rep. Ron Estes’ commitment to Kansans.

Recently, Estes took the time to visit my company, B&C Specialty Products. He did not come for a photo-op. Instead, he spent time learning more about the general aviation industry, talking with our employees, and discussing what Washington has accomplished to improve our economy and what more can be done. I greatly appreciated his visit and was impressed by the schedule he keeps.

Estes has been an outspoken leader on issues important to our community, including protecting general aviation and agriculture, cutting government spending, supporting life, holding the Trump administration accountable in trade talks with China, rebuilding our military and supporting McConnell Air Force Base.

It’s hard to keep up with #WheresRon, but I am thankful to have a representative who cares about hearing from constituents and is a leader on issues important to Kansans.

Nathan Bainbridge, Newton

Kobach accentuates the negative

My wife recently received a letter from Kris Kobach and Kansans for Kobach, which I found curious since neither of us is a Republican. In reading through his solutions to several issues, including his position on public education stated recently in a Wichita Eagle article, there is a common thread connecting each of them: every solution is punitive.

He wants to punish schools who don’t perform well on state assessments. There are many other factors that determine whether a school is successful — test scores are a very small part.

Many women depend on places like Planned Parenthood for medical services. By denying services, not only are these women being punished but children with severe birth defects may be forced to live out their lives in pain and hopelessness.

There is no voter fraud, yet qualified voters are being turned away.

Kobach talks about values. Are honesty, civility, truthfulness or compassion among those conservative values? It doesn’t appear so. Why would any Kansan vote for a man who will only give us four more years of flawed policies at the expense of the innocent?

Kenneth Breeden, Wichita

Old not aways the same as historic

I moved to Wichita in 1984. At that time, the Wichita Aeros played at “historic” Lawrence-Dumont Stadium. Well, we lost the Aeros, then we got the Pilots in 1987, then the Wranglers, then we lost the Wranglers in 2007.

I’ve been to other minor-league stadiums and they are palaces compared to Lawrence-Dumont. Lawrence-Dumont is not historic; it has no grand tradition. It is just a run-down, 84-year-old stadium that should have been blown up 20 years ago.

If Wichita is to be a first-class city, it must have first-class amenities. There is nothing first-class about Lawrence-Dumont.

When visitors attend ballgames at Lawrence-Dumont, they do not think, “Oh, what a historic old stadium, how quaint.” They think, “Wow, what a dump. Wichita sure is cheap.”

So let’s blow it up, blow it up now. If Wichita can’t attract a minor-league affiliate, then let’s pass a sales tax and pay for it out of pocket. Then we will have a palace to watch our beloved Wingnuts.

Steven Peschka, Wichita

Liberal media a bigger threat than Trump

How convenient that the McClatchy Company uses its print to twist its story to another liberal bias (“In shot at Trump, Tillerson warns democracy at risk,” Thursday’s Eagle). Did Rex Tillerson mean President Trump? Or was he addressing the preponderance of liberalism in the mainstream media?

I am specifically listing those obvious liberal icons but there are many more unlisted: MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, McClatchy.

I am a Vietnam vet, a proud American, I have a great admiration for this country. I cannot disagree more about your article from the AP. I think Tillerson is trying to warn America about the liberal bias found on a daily basis from those listed.

Larry Atwater, Wichita

Decision brings deaths

The United States moved its embassy in Israel to West Jerusalem in a ceremony on Monday. Predictably, month-long protests in Gaza spun wildly out of control. Now around 50 people are dead and over 1,000 are wounded.

I am writing neither to argue about where the location of the Israeli capital should be nor to side with the Israelis, Fatah, or Hamas, but rather to call attention to the pointlessness of this tragedy.

The deaths are a result of President Trump’s arrogance and callousness in choosing now to enforce the U.S. position that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Rather than driving Palestinians and Israelis back to the table and allowing them to settle the matter themselves over years, he opted to make a statement and settle the matter himself. People died.

Shame on America for electing a man of such breathtaking stupidity and instability.

Mike Fetters, Wichita

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