Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (May 14)

Past the emotion of gun violence

Since the Florida high school shooting, I have sat by while the understandable emotional outpouring for gun control has commandeered the Eagle’s Letters section.

Perhaps post-emotional, knee-jerk reflection, I can now raise some important rational questions that gun-control advocates failed to consider in their frustrated, passionate pleas.

First, there are conservatively estimated at least 200 million firearms in civilian circulation already and that anyone willing to commit mass murder could easily steal or buy a gun on the black market, even if there was not another single firearm sold in the United States.

Second, I remember in second grade having to stand against the wall because a single student had done some minor offense. Even as a second grader, I understood that punishing everyone for the mistakes of another is morally unjust.

Third, I would argue that there is a single element that unites mass shooters. I would argue all of them lacked a fulfilling romantic relationship with a significant other.

Fourth, the leading motivation was their desire to see their name embellished by, “What we know so far about.”

John Williamson, Wichita

Debating Kansas’ water plans

Candidates during their 2018 political campaigns for Kansas governor and House of Representatives need to factually debate funding of the Kansas Water Plan projects. The 2018 Legislature continued years of grossly underfunding the projects as unresolved water issues continue to increase.

Kansas voters can stimulate debate by reminding candidates of the state’s long-term water vision: “Kansans act on a shared commitment to have the water resources necessary to support the state’s social, economic and natural resource needs for current and future generations.” To realize the vision and to enable the 14 regions in Kansas to achieve their vision-supporting water goals, the candidates need to “act on a shared commitment” to obtain adequate, stable, and long-term funding of Water Plan projects.

Kansas water right holders have historically extracted free raw fresh water from Kansas lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and aquifers. The annual $55 million to pay for the Plan projects that realizes the Vision can also be obtained by water right holders paying a fee for extracting water. Owners have paid a Kansas fee to extract crude petroleum and natural gas for years.

Kansas voters can act on their “shared commitment” by requesting candidates to debate $55 million funding of Plan projects.

Allyn Lockner, Topeka

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