Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (May 11)

Lawrence-Dumont’s time has passed

Let’s hope our City Council members are wise enough not to be persuaded by the opinion of those who want to preserve Lawrence-Dumont Stadium.

Council members, along with many baseball fans, want to attract a team affiliated with a major-league franchise back to Wichita. Lawrence-Dumont’s microscopic dugouts and locker rooms are not going to satisfy such a team. Nor will the uncomfortable seating attract many fans.

Comparisons of Lawrence-Dumont to Fenway Park and Wrigley Field are beyond ludicrous. Fenway and Wrigley, both of which I have visited many times, have been well maintained, while L-D has been allowed to deteriorate. L-D is a monstrosity, ironically situated on the best piece of real estate in Wichita. Time to administer last rites.

Dwight Oxley, Wichita

O’Donnell should remain on board

Spot on and well said again, Wichita Eagle Editorial Board. Sedgwick County commissioner Michael O’Donnell gets his day in court.

This is America, not a Banana Republic “hangman’s court.”

Ray Mengelkoch, Wichita

The roots of child custody

The three young boys recently killed in Wichita may have had a problem before the Kansas Department for Children and Families got involved.

In family court, there’s an understanding that children younger than 5 are better off with their mother. To negate that, there seems to have to be evidence of drug abuse with the mom or other major offenses. Do these offenses not include emergency room visits and accusations from other family members?

Sometimes the mother or father may not be the answer for custody. If the children have been cared for lovingly by grandparents, why not award them custody, at least until the parents are better equipped?

I’m asking the people who give these children away to not have preconceived rules, policies or opinions. Wichitans would rather have our taxes raised a bit than to see another sweet, little child’s face on the front page.

Let’s investigate this problem from beginning to end, with all agencies involved. Each child has to feel safe, or it’s all our faults.

Carol Harms, Wichita

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