Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (May 9)

We can all learn not to litter

I second Douglas Simpson’s excellent letter in Sunday’s paper regarding littering. It does seem to be getting worse, and I’m always taken aback when I see adults who should know better throwing trash out their car windows. Too bad these people didn’t learn the lesson my dad taught me.

When I was a child, my father, older sister and I were returning from a fishing trip, traveling by car down a dusty southeast Kansas back road. Unwrapping a piece of gum, I tossed the wrapper out the window. My dad immediately came to a stop and ordered me to find the gum wrapper. I spent 20 minutes hunting that tiny scrap of paper blowing in the wind somewhere in the ditch. I found it, brought it back to the car, and deposited it in the ashtray as instructed. My father never said another word, knowing he’d made his point.

Some 65 years later I still remember that lesson. To my best recollection, I’ve never littered since that day.

I remember this incident every time I see someone casually trashing the land. It’s amazing how little effort is required to teach children to behave responsibly and respectfully.

Susan Kandt, Wichita

Make voting easier

Without elections that are well run, open to all citizens and impartial, we lose our democracy.

Sedgwick County commissioners must adequately fund elections with a reminder mailing, enough polling places to keep lines short, and cooperation with the election commissioner.

Be informed and vote. It is the most important right we have.

Marilyn Grisham, Wichita

More adoptions or discrimination

It looks like wishful parents seeking to adopt will have to be more selective in their choice of adoption agencies in Kansas following the Legislature’s approval of a Gov. Colyer-backed bill allowing adoption agencies to pick and choose who will have the privilege of raising young children.

Based upon the agency’s “religious beliefs” (meaning whatever they say they are), an adoption agency can deny an otherwise qualified and worthy couple of having a child, arguably in favor of, let’s say a Catholic, if it is a Catholic-supported agency, or a Methodist or Episcopalian if those denominations want to get into the business of selectively determining who will get available children.

Eric Teetsel, the leader of the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, a conservative Republican organization, praised the new law saying, “Kansas had made clear: everyone is welcome here.” Yeah, right.

Ronald Lyon, Wichita

Roots of phenomenon

The Feb. 26 letter “Know basics, have your say” dismally laments our sorry ignorance of the basic structure of our government. The writer quotes Edward Luce’s new book, “The Retreat of Western Liberalism,” saying, “While Trump is bad enough, it is what comes after him that I fear most.” In other words, President Trump will leave the country in a mess and, because of him, the downward spiral will continue even after he is gone. Right? Wrong.

Luce completely exonerates President Trump with this statement elsewhere in his book, “Donald Trump is not the cause, but a deeply alarming symptom.”

It is significant that Luce’s dismal expectations for our nation is nothing new. In his 2012 book “Time to Start Thinking,” he wrote, “America’s stock has been falling around the world for quite a while” and “What would be the right thing for America to do in light of its relative decline? Assuming there is a good answer.” This was written four years after President Obama had been in office and years before Trump entered the political arena.

David Gudeman, Wichita

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