Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (May 8)

Save an iconic ballpark

Would you paint a mustache on the Mona Lisa? How about tearing down Fenway Park or Wrigley Field?

Despite these exceptions, historic ballparks have often been replaced. Yankee Stadium, the house that Ruth built, was replaced. Sometimes the replacements work, but often they don’t. Look at Cincinnati when Crosley Field was replaced by Riverfront Stadium, replaced a few decades later by the Great American Ballpark.

As a baseball fan, I’ve been to most of these ballparks. My first trip was the Polo Grounds, where the then-New York Giants called home. That piece of history, like Brooklyn’s Ebbets Field, faced urban renewal and lost. Taxpayers have often been the losers in this process.

I believe that Lawrence-Dumont Stadium lies in the Fenway Park or Wrigley Field category. It is in a great location and is an important and iconic piece of Wichita history, just like I believe that we should preserve Century II.

Those in public office who cannot cherish their past are jeopardizing our future. Save Lawrence-Dumont Stadium.

Karl Peterjohn, Wichita

Keep Girl Scouts strong

The Boy Scouts of America have unilaterally decided to accept girls into their programs. They even went so far as to become Scouts-BSA. What an idiotic show of power.

Fifty years ago, I wanted to become a veterinarian. At that time, it was a man’s profession. Today there are more women veterinarians than men veterinarians. I was a Girl Scout from brownies through high school Senior Girl Scouts. I attribute my becoming a veterinarian to my having grown up in a supportive family, that told me all goals are possible, and to my involvement in Girl Scouts.

Girls don’t need to be told that they can do anything they want. However, they still need support and encouragement to meet their goals. It is a fact that girls are more likely to excel in an all-girl environment. Surrounded by only girls, they will make lifetime friendships and meet girls with similar aspirations.

I hope that girls will continue to join Girl Scouts. By being in Girl Scouts, they will be part of a dynamic group of scouts, rather than being lost in a group of boys.

Polly Schoning, Wichita

Empathy for father

While I do not have a problem with people exercising their right to free speech, just how low do people have to go when doing so?

During the NRA convention, there were protestors speaking out for gun control four blocks away. One of the speakers was Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter had been murdered at Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14. Pro-gun supporters heckled him with a bullhorn.

Did any of those pro-gun supporters have any empathy for what he is going through? Evidently not. I can’t even imagine the pain this man went through when he found out his daughter, Jaime, who was 14, was murdered.

What I do know is the heckling of a person who lost his daughter in such a tragic way, by people who think inanimate objects are more important than a 14-year-old, is not only abominable but mean spirited. It’s as if her life never mattered.

I am not for confiscating or outlawing guns from responsible owners, but everyone should listen to the ideas being presented before automatically assuming “gun control” means taking your guns away.

Floyce Wattson, Wichita

A view from the right

I am 78 and a conservative Republican to the core. When it comes to social subjects, I will never go against what the Bible teaches. I voted for President Trump and support nearly all of his policies. The way the Democrats and media have hounded him has been a shame. Some people have no shame.

However, this man has absolutely no class. He would rather lie than tell the truth. He is not an honest man. But even with all his faults, he is better than Hillary Clinton would have been.

We could certainly enjoy Vice President Pence as president. Now there’s an honest man.

Bob Hudson, Derby

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