Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (May 2)

Too far southeast for Southeast High School

After reading Sunday’s article about the new Southeast High School and falling graduation rates, my husband and I drove east on Pawnee to 127th Street, thinking surely we had the wrong address as there certainly wouldn’t be a $65 million high school this far out of the city.

Wrong. To the school board: what were you people thinking?

No wonder the absentee rate is so high. There is limited residential development near the school, whereas the old Southeast High was probably the centerpiece of the fully developed neighborhood it served.

Pretty convenient for school district administration to occupy the old school. No one seems to care how early these kids may need to get up so they don’t miss the school bus, which is possibly their only way to go those seven miles out in the country to the new school. Or how much longer their day is going those seven miles back home.

Marilyn DeBoer, Wichita

Responsibility for attendance is on students, parents

In a recent article regarding graduation rates at Southeast High School, the assistant superintendent of secondary schools, Gil Alvarez, noted that at the old location children could walk to school. Now, if a kid misses a bus or doesn’t have a car, they can’t get to school.

Good thing they’re not pioneers from the olden days because those school kids walked miles and miles to get to school to get an education. If these students can’t manage to get to school, how are they going to manage to get to a job when they get older?

Excuses, excuses. Parents of Southeast students, be responsible and get your kid up to get on the bus or get them out the door so they can be in school and stay in school. They should get an education and not end up in our correctional system or out on the streets because they don’t have the knowledge to work at a profession that was available to them when they were younger.

Jeanne-Marie Neuroth,


Pitts’ column was from a different planet

Leonard Pitts Jr. reached an all-time low in his response to Sen. Rubio in Monday’s paper. It appears that anyone who does not agree with Pitts is not worthy of his regard, since they are obviously no smarter than a box of rocks, especially when compared with his greatly superior (in his mind) intellect.

Pitts is living in a fantasy world that he hoped would come about in the last presidential election, but did not. It is a world that never was, would not have been had the election gone differently and, in all probability, never will be.

He claims President Trump is unworthy of the job and is a danger to the country while I presume that he believes that had the queen of deception been elected, all would be wonderful with an honest, upright and skilled leader at the helm. That’s delusional.

Pitts thinks without a large load of liberalism, this country is doomed and maybe already is. The reality of it is the blame rests with the Obama administration, which made obvious efforts to create the divisive atmosphere that exists today.

Robert Kailer, Wichita

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