Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (April 30)

Lemurs shouldn’t be seen as pets

Lemurs are wild animals (“Kirstie Alley visits Wichita, lemurs,” April 25 Eagle). They may be legal to have as pets in some states, and for the right dollar amount anyone can buy just about any animal out there. But is that person able to provide the food, vet care, habitat and companionship that the animal deserves?

Living in a garage, a room in a mansion or a cage outside is not an appropriate habitat for any wild animal. Providing an environment that mimics their natural habitat (as accredited zoos do) is the only acceptable alternative.

Wildlife parks that allow interaction with wild animals encourage people to see these animals as pets, which they are not. These are not zoos, they are not accredited, they use this interaction to draw in people for money.

On the other hand, seeing animals in as natural an environment as possible (an accredited zoo) can be educational. Interacting with wild animals or keeping them as pets is just plain wrong.

Sue Schamp, Wichita

Track educational outcomes

Given that state spending on education will soon be substantially increased, it is my hope that the three branches of Kansas government will make a substantive evaluation of its effect on educational results, after allowing some time for it to have an impact. It would add a point on the existing statistical curve of educational expenditures versus educational outcomes.

Harry Clements, Wichita

The basics for parents, children

Everyone in our great nation and the rest of the world needs a large dose of prayer and a partnership with God.

A child at birth needs attentive, loving parents. Reading to each child should begin early in their lives. When school begins, a child needs a dictionary and thesaurus.

Television and video games, which only portray violence and aggression, do not belong in a child’s life. Books for fun reading, practice drills and textbooks should be available to all children.

Our children need encouragement, a challenging atmosphere and opportunity for learning.

Our teachers should be paid according to their degree of education, performance in the classroom and longevity of experience.

Therese James, Wichita

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