Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (April 24)

The value of public education

I would like to second John Wilson’s April 19 letter “Investment in Public Schools.” I, too, had wonderful outcomes attending Wichita schools. I would also like to thank the taxpayers who paid for my effective and enjoyable public education. They did not know most of us that they were investing in; neither do I know them. I would like to thank them for the education that allowed me to become a teacher, and a teacher of teachers.

I’m proud that my daughter is a teacher of at-risk students in USD 259, and that my granddaughter has accepted a position with USD 259. I know and respect the challenging work teachers do every day in the face of inadequate financial resources.

Mr. Wilson mentioned that adequately funding education is important. Gov. Colyer told of the appreciation he has of his teachers and the education he received from them, but he neglected to mention the funding part, which now is way below what a legislative commissioned study says would be adequate.

I join Mr. Wilson in my willingness to pay taxes to adequately fund and invest in the future of the diverse students we now have the responsibility and honor to educate.

Janice Bailey, Wichita

Spotlight on child abuse

April is nationally recognized as Child Abuse Prevention month. Research commissioned by Prevent Child Abuse America shows that most people are already involved in prevention by mentoring children or parents, donating or advocating for children and families. However, only 27 percent of respondents engaged in those activities reported involvement with child abuse prevention.

As the Kansas chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America, Kansas Children’s Service League’s goal this April and year round is to help others recognize the role we all play in healthy child development. Every $1 Kansas invests in programs and strategies — home visits, parent education, mutual self-help support, mental health and substance abuse treatment, respite care, and safe, affordable child care — saves $7 or more in services on the back end.

Consider volunteering as a mentor to a parent or child or advocating for family-friendly policies. Join us in creating a better Kansas where all children have the great childhoods they deserve and abuse and neglect never occurs.

What role will you play in strengthening families and building great childhoods for all children?

Vicky Roper, Prevent Child Abuse

Kansas Director

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