Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (April 21)

The horror of child-abuse cases

Reading the story of the testimony in the Evan Brewer case made me sick to my stomach. These people are not human. And reading Sunday's story about the court papers in the Lucas Hernandez case is equally beyond belief.

Why isn’t the Kansas Legislature outraged about the dysfunction of the Kansas Department of Children and Families? Why isn’t everyone outraged about what seems to be a total failure of the DCF? Is any action being taken to bring up and right this sunken ship?

How many other cases like those of Evan and Lucas are out there that have not come to light? It makes one shudder to think there likely are more.

Sue Ice, Newton

What makes Riverside special?

Riverside residents are trying to stop lawful placement of a cell-phone tower near an old trailer park while the upscale Twin Lakes apartments with pretty lakes, ducks and nesting eagles do just fine with their tower by the lake. So what’s the beef?

Floyd Beck, Wichita

Wrong decision

The sun set at 5:19 p.m. on Dec. 28. The block where Andrew Finch was killed by a Wichita police officer was relatively dark. The officers near Finch and Finch’s porch should have been the only officers in charge of the interrogation and the moment-by-moment interaction with Finch.

Now, we are left with the word of 10 police officers and three sheriff’s deputies who gave their impressions, memories and recollections of the last 10 seconds of Finch’s life.

An internal review is not the same as an open court of law. Now the powers that be claim there need not be any reason to prosecute the officer who fired.

The officer across the street on a dark night had to focus and discern what Finch was doing, then aim and fire. Personally, that seems more like an inexperienced, ill-trained officer who wanted to be a hero and get his name in the paper. So far he’s just a nameless killer.

John R. Maxwell, Wichita

Thanks to Earth

Sunday’s Earth Day is like Mother's Day, a day to thank your mother for all that she does.

She gives you oxygen, food and water. She renews and recycles. She gives you birds, snow, rain, and the colors of trees and flowers.

Earth Day is a day to admit that everything that comes from Amazon and Walmart ultimately comes from the earth. Your cell phone comes from the rocks of the earth. Now that there are 7 billion of us, we should be aware that the pollution we generate degrades quality of life. It comes with a price, so we should put a price on pollution. Put a price on carbon, methane, fossil fuels and greenhouse gasses so that we speed the transition to a renewable energy economy.

The sun and wind are free, renewable fuels. They are our birthrights. Write your senators and congressmen and tell them we value clean air, clean water, and to put a price on pollution.

Ask them to put a price on environmental degradation and climate change. Tell them we are grateful to be a part of, not apart from, the earth.

Robert DuTeau, Wichita

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