Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (April 23)

Innovation Campus partnerships make sense

Contrary to false and misleading information recently published in a letter to the editor by a former employee suing the university, Kansas taxpayers and Wichita State University students are benefiting from privately financed development of the campus YMCA and Student Wellness Center, as well as The Flats student apartments.

WSU is working with private partners on Innovation Campus because no long-term debt is incurred, students get access to new facilities, and those facilities also may help attract new students, faculty and staff. These kinds of public-private partnerships are working at universities in Kansas and throughout the nation.

In an era where there has been little state funding available for university construction, primary financing comes through long-term debt in the form of bonds. WSU decided several years ago to use its bonding capacity only for the construction of academic buildings, such as the Experiential Engineering Building and the planned new home for the Barton School of Business.

There’s nothing inherently good or evil about partnering with private developers; it’s just another suitable option for meeting university needs and growing the Kansas economy.

Werner Golling, WSU VP for Finance and Administration

Fitted helmets are the best helmets

Last Sunday’s Parade magazine had a full page of products that included the phrase to “buy online.” Tuesday’s paper had an article by Dr. Kim Molik that recommended ordering children’s bike helmets online to allow kids to individualize and decorate them.

Both articles made it seem that the safest way to protect children was to get your safety equipment online, but the reality is that helmets should be properly fitted to the rider (child or adult).

I recommend you purchase a bicycle helmet from someone who will make sure you get the right size and adjust it so that if there is an accident, you will have protection against head injury. This service will only be provided by a professional bicycle dealer and local retailer who is interested in your welfare.

The people who work in these specialty retail stores enjoy their employment in the industry and they have families and spend their money in our community. Maybe they could be a patient or customer at a business that you work for.

Shop local and we will have a safer and more robust city. Enjoy your ride safely.

Robert and Ruth Holliday, Wichita

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