Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (April 19)

The investment in public schools

We validate our financial investments with various objectives in mind, often long range in nature. Personally, I can think of no more legitimate objective for investing financial resources, for every citizen, than to insist upon the “adequate” underwriting of funds for our public schools.

Every single adult who is a product of public schools is realizing the fruits of the labor and resources provided by dedicated classroom teachers and support educators. Again, I can attest to countless examples of how teachers and experiences during my schooling years have positively impacted my career development, success with personal relationships, family and community experiences, and overall well-being.

While I did not always express my appreciation to these public school educators as I now wish I had, the opportunity to say a heartfelt “thank you” is at hand. My unequivocal support for the adequate funding of our schools, as dictated by the Kansas Supreme Court, will be communicated as effectively as possible.

Take a moment to reflect upon how your life has been powerfully influenced by competent and talented teachers. Let our legislators hear, loudly and clearly, how we independently and collectively represent the proud country we have become thanks to our public schools.

John H. Wilson, Wichita

What children endure

My heart breaks when I see that anyone is brutally treated, whether or not death is the end result. This is especially true of children. Take, for example, Evan Brewer. How can “adults” stoop so low as to be so cruel?

This occurs all over the world. Photos and video Syrian children experiencing suffering from chemical attacks. Do you remember the 1972 photo of the Vietnamese girl running away, naked from the napalm that burned off her clothes?

When villages are destroyed and families have nowhere to go and little to eat, I wonder what will happen to the people, especially the children.

Is this what humanity really looks like? How low can people go? I wonder what can be done to stop these horrible tragedies. I wonder what goes through the minds of these innocent children. And I wonder what long-term effects those children who survive will experience.

Kathy Petr, Wichita

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