Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (April 17)

Gun fear tactics

The idea that we need guns to stop our government from becoming tyrannical is ludicrous to the point of being comical. Does anyone really think any weapon you have in your home would be effective against the U.S. military? All it would take would be one canister of tear gas, and if that didn't do it, there is a whole array of weapons that could be used toward that purpose: armed drones, RPGs, hand grenades, tanks.

The argument is the fear tactic used by the NRA to sell more guns so they can make more money. Do other democratic countries have weapons of war (AK-47s, AR -15s) in the hands of ordinary citizens, and have the governments become tyrannical?

Some common sense would go a long way here.

Sandy Love, Maize

WSU’s Innovation Campus deals

What would you personally do with $54 million or $228 million? What would you do with $250 million? Probably many things.

John Bardo, Andy Schlapp and John Tomblin at Wichita State University gave it all away. The first two amounts went to the chairperson of the Kansas Board of Regents, David Murfin, and his business partners with the private company MWCB. The second amount went to the Greater Wichita YMCA.

According to Murfin and MWCB’s own pro forma, WSU would have grossed nearly $175 million and netted nearly $54 million over 30 years if it built and managed the residence hall that MWCB proposed. It would have grossed nearly $480 million and netted over $228 million over the 65-year lease that MWCB asked WSU to award them in 2016.

The YMCA is receiving about $5 million per year for a proposed 50 years from WSU student fees to someday build a YMCA next to the private apartment complex that MWCB built. An addition/renovation to the Heskett Center proposed in 2013 would have cost $15 million and been completed by now.

If you wouldn’t give away $54 million or $225 million, taxpayers should ask why Bardo, Schlapp and Tomblin would.

Wade Robinson, Halstead

Unfair treatment of grandfather

The recent bid by a grandfather to gain custody of his grandchildren shows a senior black man put his faith in the Kansas Department for Children and Families, the courts and child-care providers, only to be duped.

He was looking to DCF's new director, who showed herself to be working in the same anti-family, anti-black family agenda as the past director. I am appalled at the thinly disguised system in which we are forced to live within.

I am also saddened at our black politicians not getting involved and coming to his aid, a black grandfather losing his grandchildren to a Caucasian family in the suburbs who, no matter how kind and caring, can ever instill the background, insight, love and family history needed for these children to grow up and thrive in this society. Having experience with our foster-care system, which I believe bases findings of ethnic and racial backgrounds by Caucasian standards, this child-care system destroys the family and outweighs all of the positive aspects of the word “family” disproportionately. I pray for the grandfather and grandchildren.

Stephanie Adams-Stone, Wichita

Thomas’ views on Bolton

Isn’t it special Donald Trump’s choice for national security advisor, John Bolton, can feel better that Cal Thomas is a cheerleader for him, because Lord knows only the most hawkish of hawks would be.

What Thomas and others like him don’t understand is it’s not that Americans don’t want to be strong with the world when needed, they simply want someone who’ll smart about it. As in all relationships, one is cautioned to “pick your battles” lest you lose the war.

In America’s relationships with the world, that’s far more than a metaphor, it’s life and death. And lately we have been doing a lousy job of picking the battles, with the stupid forays into Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and more. The costs in human capital and grief for families is incalculable. The cost to the treasury in the last 17 years, all on borrowed money, is anywhere from $1.5 trillion to $7 trillion in actual and projected costs. How many power grids would that have built in Puerto Rico? How many Americans’ health care fully covered?

Thomas can bring up “pithy Bolton-isms” all he likes, but the fact remains Bolton’s a guy who never met a war he didn’t like.

Kathleen Butler, Wichita

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