Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (April 16)

Never again

Thursday was Holocaust Remembrance day. On that day we remember one of the greatest atrocities in human history. We remember it, lest we fail to protect the powerless against evil again.

We remember the mistakes we made, like when we turned away boats of emigrating Jewish people, only to send them back to be gassed to death. Yet today, we are failing to protect the powerless and the innocent against death.

So far this year, the U.S. has admitted 11 Syrian Refugees, only 0.2 percent of the number admitted in 2016. I am crushed to hear that as Bashar Al-Assad of Syria gasses his people, we turn Syrians away. Babies, toddlers, women, men, suffocating at the hands of their own government.

We cannot allow ourselves to allow another Holocaust. We need our legislators to act. We are the most economically dominant country and we are acting as if these refugees are not worth saving or letting in. We need legislators to lead in the 21st Century, not leave us in the 1940s.

Mark Camenzind,


A thoughtful gesture

While waiting for a friend to arrive on an April 2 flight, I noticed five children and their father with the youngest holding a large sign welcoming their mom home. The children told me their dad had helped them make the sign, and the oldest daughter had a bouquet of roses. She had been gone five days and I was touched by their happiness and excitement.

A security guard came by and asked the father to move his unattended car from the loading zone. The dad asked if they could wait outside by the car since her plane had landed. The children began to tear up and feared that they wouldn’t be able to see Mom come down the steps from the gate. I could tell their father was torn and uncertain. Then the security guard smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it’s all right,” and walked away.

I watched this beautiful family reunited with their mother. As they were leaving, the two youngest children ran back and hugged me.

When the security guard came around again, I thanked him for letting the car stay. He smiled and said, “You know when things are right, and this was the right thing to do.”

Andrea Colley, Bel Aire

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