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Letters to the Editor (April 2)

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Gun distinctions

We read so much about people criticizing semi-automatic guns. They know little about guns.

I hope they mean fully automatic guns. Most people use semi-automatic guns to hunt or keep them in their house for protection. You pull the trigger every time you shoot a semi-automatic. With the fully automatic, you hold the trigger back and it keeps firing until you release the trigger.

I’ve hunted for 80 years and used fully automatic weapons in the Army during World War II. Join the Army and learn.

James Petersen, Wichita

Nice to see solutions offered

I am a gun owner, hunter, former military policeman, expert marksman with a .45 pistol, and retired teacher. I have never met Laura Lombard, whose March 30 column addressed gun violence in America.

Finally, somebody who is campaigning for public office has published a reasonable list of changes we can make. If our other politicians had her insight and courage, maybe some small steps could be taken to decrease our love of guns over our love for children.

Her recommendations: Research, Background checks, gun safety training, ban assault weapons, avoid arming teachers, invest in education, increase funding for counselors, and stop doing nothing.

John Mohn, Hays

What happened to America?

Where did the America of past years go? Can someone please find it and bring it back ?

When I was growing up, family was important. Honesty and integrity were important. We went to church on Sunday to worship God and to learn how to become a better person. We had picnics and barbecues with our friends and neighbors.

Now there are religions that are trying to take over the world. The reason? Money and power. The power that fuels their soul. I don ‘t understand it. I just want to be a good and honest person. I don’t care anything about power.

Politicians ran for office to represent the people and to make America a better place to live. Now it is lie and cheat your way into office to grasp the money and the power. Ah, that power thing again. How’s that going to work for you on judgment day?

I will go to judgment without a lot in the way of possessions, knowing I did the best I could to live a good and honest life and hoping I helped someone else along the way.

Laura Morrison, Wichita

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