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Letters to the Editor (Feb. 9)

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Names, not just numbers

Evidently the Wichita State basketball program is hurting for money. Otherwise, how are we to understand the elimination of player names from their jerseys? By excluding the names (so the jerseys can be sold after the season), long-standing Shocker fans, according to the explanation, were apparently not considered: “It gives the athletic department more flexibility at the end of the academic year as to what they can do with the jerseys.”

Not only was the decision dismissive and inconsiderate of Shocker fans, it is amplified by untold thousands of TV and stadium fans who are unable to identify our players, particularly this season with their debut in the new conference. And while it’s just a hunch, I suspect the players are none too happy about their nameless play.

The “no names” decision begs the question: Exactly how much do used basketball jerseys sell for?

Lynn Stephan, Wichita

Cal Thomas no different

Cal Thomas said, “Partisans tend to read, watch and listen only, or mostly, to information and opinions that reinforce their beliefs.” Agreed. Then he says, “If information surfaces that counters those beliefs, it is usually disparaged, excused or ignored. That’s human nature.” Also agreed.

Based on his opening paragraph, I actually thought Thomas was trying to find some middle ground in his article about the “memo” the Senate released, against strong objections from the FBI and Justice Department. I was wrong, he simply proved his opening paragraph to be true by both disparaging about any information that was contrary to his beliefs as asserting his opinions about the release of the memo.

While I do not know the content of the “memo,” I do know that both the FBI and the Department of Justice were adamant that it should not be released. I do know that the vote to release it was strictly along party lines. And I do know the memo was written by Republicans.

A famous person once said you may have your own opinions, but not your own facts. Mr. Thomas seems to blur the line between opinion and fact. I guess he is just human like the rest of us.

Clinton Koker, Wichita

Taking the wrong path

I lived through Watergate when I was younger — concerned, but not very active. Now we are entangled in Russiagate, and, I seriously wonder how this marginal democracy will survive in the intense division fueled by rabid sections of our media, totally indifferent to either seeking or speaking truth.

Will we be able to escape this growing cancer consuming our republic, tear out the choking tentacles, and turn again toward a more perfect democracy, or, are we already too late, too deep, too lost?

Our nation seems less and less a rational, thinking populace governed by truth, but rather a flock of sheep blindly following the loudest, angriest, cruelest voice. Increasingly, we are being led down a dark path into violence.

Beth Vannatta, Halstead

Lombard a fit for 4th District

Laura Lombard would be a superb U.S. Representative for the 4th District. She is a business-friendly Democrat who would seek to balance social needs with the economic realities. I know her personally, and I would stake my own personal reputation on her honesty, intelligence, sense of fairness, and judgment. She’s a terrific listener, truly seeks to understand, and speaks her mind clearly and firmly. I trust her completely — that’s now my No. 1 criteria in a politician — Democrat, Republican or independent.

I spent 38 years in the GOP before becoming a proud Independent, so of course she and I don’t agree on every issue. We do, however, agree on overarching goals, and the best answer isn’t necessarily black or white, liberal or conservative. A policy should be reached through problem-solving with the end goal always in mind. With Laura, I’m confident my voice will be heard throughout this process.

Laura also reminds me of the strong, successful women leaders I had the honor of serving with in the military; she’s fair, firm, and determined. She’s forceful in a quiet way, not meek or shy. No one pushes her around, yet she remains personable and polite.

Scott Wagner, Wichita

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