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Letters to the Editor (Feb. 2)

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Proud to be a mouthy broad

An Opinion Line commenter recently objected to five women on KCTU-TV calling themselves “Mouthy Broads” and expecting to be treated with respect and equality. I am one of the Mouthy Broads. The concept of a show modeled after “The View” and “The Talk” in Wichita was my dream.

I have a bit of an irreverent sense of humor, but i know I am not along. I believe in calling things what they are, and I see us all as mouthy and not shy about sharing our opions. We tell our viewers that “broads” stands for Bodacious, Rowdy, Opinionated and Direct Sisters.

I remember when Meredith Vieira first started on the “Today” show several years ago, and commented that she “put the broad in broadcasting.” I think that’s funny. Our viewers are invited to call in and share their opinions.

We have not been treated disrespectfully by any callers. Lighten up.

Sheryl Nutt, Wichita

Great first year for president

From employment in the African American community to high skilled manufacturing, President Trump has turned the lofty words of the left into the reality of the right.

America needed to be rescued from eight years of empty Obama-era sloganeering.

“America first” has proven to be more than just a slogan in the Trump administration; it is a promise that is unfolding before our eyes.

The rhetoric from the political class has been replaced by a real leader who knows how to get the job done.

With three and hopefully seven more years to go, this administration is showing the world what substance looks like over the identity politics of the Democratic Party and the “get Trump reporting” of the hysterical media.

Gregory Bontrager,


Trump executing an old plan

Davis Merritt curiously identified President Trump as a “narcissistic autocrat” who unilaterally and “peremptorily” declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel pursuant to moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (Dec. 26 Eagle). He somehow missed the fact that Trump did not make this decision in a vacuum, he executed the law as established by the American people through their representatives 22 years ago,

He seemed to imply that Israel is a new nation created by United Nations fiat in 1948, missing the fact that both secular history and the biblical record identify Jerusalem as the capital of Israel 3,000 years ago continuing through today. No other country looks to the United Nations to determine its own capital.

Revelation clarifies that upon the return of the Savior, the Jew, Jesus Christ, Israel and Jerusalem will be the capital of the entire world.

On the other hand, if you prefer the atheist-humanist-globalist view, look for endless repetition of the one-world-government attempts like those of the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Germans, Russians and Islamists. Good luck with that.

Richard Peckham, Andover

Approve sanctions

I am writing about President Trump’s refusal to follow the Russia sanctions law.

This law was passed by a vote of 98-2 in the Senate and 419-3 in the House. This was a veto-proof majority. It was passed in response to overwhelming, credible evidence of Russian government interference in our presidential election. This included hacking into the Democratic and Republican party emails and even into multiple states’ voter databases.

I am deeply concerned that we are now facing a constitutional crisis. We have three branches of government. We do not have a monarchy. Moreover, failing to address future Russian interference places our entire democracy at risk. How can we trust the integrity of our elections and our democratic system if Congress cannot even stand up to the President on this matter? What do our elected representatives, Sens. Moran and Roberts and Rep. Estes, plan to do about this?

I am a constituent, and I vote.

Michelene Trout, Wichita

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