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Letters to the Editor (Sept. 20): Racial profiling, doctor’s killing, cell phones, increasing debt

Mourning loss of Dr. Reddy

I knew Dr. Acutha Reddy, first when I worked as a case manager at Comcare in the 1990s, when he was a resident, and then as a patient more recently. He was a very good doctor. He allowed patients to try to follow their own beliefs in health care. He helped my son immeasurably when he became mentally ill in his teens.

This was a senseless stabbing by someone who was not willing to wait for medication to work. I know Dr. Reddy would have stopped any medicine this patient did not want unless it was absolutely required for his mental health, and would have tried changing him to something that might work better for him. He believed patients should help with their own health care.

This is a terrible loss for Wichita and a terrible loss for those who are mentally ill, especially his patients and all future patients he could have helped.

Karen Bradford, Wichita

Ali family was wronged

Thank you, Eagle Editorial Board, for the welcoming letter to the Ali family after they were treated so outrageously by a teller at Emprise Bank. Ever since I learned of their horrific experience, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of a way to let them know that not everyone in Wichita is racist or Islamophobic.

I guess the bank has decided that their best course of action is to pretend that what happened didn’t happen — the old head in the sand technique. I’d like to suggest that instead of their unbelievable denials, they pull up their financial corporation panties, take responsibility and acknowledge that an employee was wrong, is going through community, sensitivity and forgery protection training again, and that there won’t be a next time.

I participated in a chat session on the Emprise website after I learned of their treatment of the Ali family. I requested a copy of their policies for race relations and forgery. That was on Sept. 8. According to the Emprise employee, I could “expect written communication to the address provided within in (sic) 10 business days.” I haven’t heard anything yet, but maybe I will by Sept. 22?

Cindy Entriken, Wichita

Emprise flubbed internal procedures

To Emprise Bank on the arrest of Sattar Ali: What were you people thinking? That a guy from the Middle East with $150,000 had to be hanging paper?

Perhaps your “internal procedures” need to be revised. How about something like you cannot withdraw from an account for 10 business days. Then, do your job and check it out. How small-town parochial can you get? Really, tell me, I would like to know.

Michael Burks, Maize

Erasing debt

We all grieve with Hurricane Harvey and Irma victims and support President Trump and Congress approving $8 billion in relief. But where is the money coming from? We are broke, $20 trillion in debt, and we raised the debt ceiling and passed another deficit budget.

This highlights the failure of past presidents and Congress’ financial disregard for the taxpayers. Every taxpayer knows that you cannot borrow your way out of debt. Why doesn’t Congress understand this, or is it they just don’t care about those they represent (except their votes). We desperately need a balanced budget amendment to replace the 10-year scam budget.

Taxpayers should vote against every Congress member who votes for deficit budgets and debt ceiling raises.

Richard A. Hopper, Derby

Keep phones out of classrooms

Do cell phones belong in the classroom (Sunday’s Eagle)? No. Not just because I have a son who was a English teacher for five years and is now a high school vice principal — I’ve heard just how distracting these phones can be. No, it’s because I feel sad for a whole generation of children who feel as one of the students said, ”If I go a few hours without it I get kind of upset, I guess.”

School is more than just filling a head full of facts. It about figuring how to navigate life and the people in it. How does one learn anything and that includes how to talk to people, when all you’re consumed with is the next tweet?

Technology has improved our lives beyond measure since I came into the world in 1957. But these devices are a distraction to school and work. I feel sorry for them, for their teachers and for society as a whole that has to deal with this new reality.

Kathleen Butler, Wichita

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