Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (Sept. 10)

City blessed by women physicians

September is Women in Medicine Month, and I would like to recognize and celebrate the many women physicians in our community.

There are nearly 290 women physicians who are members of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County, including current MSSC board members Patricia Wyatt-Harris, Brooke Grizzell, Krista Shackelford, Therese Cusick and Tana Goering. There also are many women on their way to becoming physicians, either as students at the KU School of Medicine-Wichita or as residents in our hospitals.

These women are providing outstanding care and are leaders in our community. Wichita is blessed by their dedication, skill and service.

Denis Knight, Wichita

What’s in a (rat’s) name?

To the Derby letter writer, your pack rats are also known as wood rats. They are native and prefer the edge of the wooded environment, which you say is where you live. They can be a nuisance around outbuildings, as you have stated.

Don’t confuse them with the Hispid Cotton Rat, another native species that prefers the grass lands and does not create the “rats nest” of sticks and stuff that the wood rat builds. The invasive Norway rat prefers the human environment to the natural environment. All rats chew things up, as do squirrels and rabbits on occasion. All such species are know to have population spikes. Most will auto correct in time, but humans should not make it easy for them by creating an inviting environment. Gardens of vegetables and flowers are a food source. Woodpiles and assorted junk are condominiums.

When they mow the meadow behind my house, the cotton rats are exposed and I will see more of them in the yard. After a while they dissipate when the grass grows again. Good luck with your wood rats.

Larry Novak,

retired biologist, Augusta

Disappointing view of Muslims

I received an email containing the following words: “If we’re removing confederate monuments after the Civil War, I think we should also be removing mosques after 9/11.”

I have devout Muslim friends whom I would much rather have as neighbors than pseudo-Christians who spread lies and slander.

Glen Chambers, Wichita

Pool schools’ teams

I was reading an Eagle article about Newman University searching for a new athletic conference. I have an idea for them.

Why not talk to Friends University about combining sports programs so that they can play in a bigger conference like the MIAA? They can play schools like Pittsburg State, Emporia State and Fort Hays State. This could be a perfect match for two schools that are virtually across the street. Newman has sports programs that Friends doesn’t have and vice versa.

The only thing better would be if the city and county pitch in and help build a multipurpose stadium downtown. Since WSU is not bringing back football, this would be a great boost for Wichita.

Larry Moody, Wichita

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