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Letters to the Editor (Sept. 6): DACA, Airbus, political parties, gas prices

DACA’s demise can be fixed

To Sen. Pat Roberts, Sen. Jerry Moran and Rep. Ron Estes:

I am greatly saddened and disappointed that the president is ending DACA. I am writing today to plead on the behalf of the children.

I want to believe in the wisdom of our lawmakers. That you will realize that the children covered by DACA are most-often productive citizens of our United States.

We need to figure out a way for them to be able to stay, work, have families and live their life here in the only country they have ever known.

I cannot begin to imagine the giant hole that will be left in the United States if all of these productive members of our society are asked to leave.

Please make the sensible decision and work together across political lines to make this happen.

With all of the other things happening in this world — North Korea trying to blow people up for example — I have a hard time believing that any of you really believe that these children and young adults are a threat to our country.

So put on some humility and work together. This is utterly and completely ridiculous.

Deb Shirkey, Wichita

No Airbus-WSU employment goal

A front-page story in Saturday’s newspaper appeared to be based on the false premise that Airbus and Wichita State University set an employment goal that’s not being met. That isn’t the way Innovation Campus industry partnerships work.

The building occupied by Airbus was built with private funds. Unlike the Cargill agreement with the city that The Eagle recently called into question, no job pledges were sought or made. We expect students’ applied learning and employment opportunities to grow organically as Airbus benefits from its new location.

In Airbus engineers’ first eight months, they have already developed productive relationships with students, faculty and other Innovation Campus pioneering companies, especially Dassault Systemes.

We shared facts with The Eagle that didn’t make it into the story, including:

▪ 192 students are working in paid aerospace engineering applied learning jobs through WSU’s National Institute of Aviation Research.

▪ Airbus, Dassault, Hexagon and BCG are bringing customers and suppliers from all over the world to our campus. We expect productive partnerships and great jobs for students to grow from these visits.

▪ WSU is No. 1 nationally for aerospace industry-funded research that multiplies applied learning opportunities for students.

WSU is proud to play a part in continuing Wichita’s Air Capital legacy by training the future workforce and leaders of the global aerospace industry.

Lou Heldman, VP for strategic communications, WSU

Gas-price hikes are taking advantage

We get our gasoline from El Dorado, Coffeyville and McPherson for the Kansas area. How exactly are the refineries impacting our gas prices? If oil producers can’t sell their crude to shut down refiners, then the price of oil should be coming down so they can sell their crude. It’s simple supply and demand.

We are being duped by whomever sets the price of gas. Gas prices on Oklahoma City are less than $2. How is that possible?

Jeff Keeny, Wichita

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