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Letters on needed wars, flawed Koch study, Longwell, liberals, Obama-bashing

Some wars are needed, beneficial

A letter writer was correct about the destructive nature of war (“No war with Iran,” March 7 Letters to the Editor). Nevertheless, some wars are necessary and beneficial. What could be the cost if some necessary wars are not fought?

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain learned the hard way that diplomacy does not work with dedicated enemies that are evil. He tried negotiating peace with Adolf Hitler just before World War II. He returned from those “successful” negotiations proclaiming that there would be no war. Such will be the result of attempted peace negotiations with ISIS and those who support its evil practices.

What would have been the result of us signing a “negotiated” peace agreement with Japan and Germany in 1941? Continued enslavement, murder and torture of huge numbers of people.

The letter writer exclaimed: “War, what’s it good for? Nothing.” Did putting an end to German and Japanese killing and torture by our war do no good? That is an insult to the brave men and women who died in wars attempting to end such tragedies.

Hoping to negotiate peacefully with ISIS is as useless as Chamberlain’s visit with Hitler.



Koch study flawed

Regarding “Kansas Senate panel chairman cuts off questions about Koch funding at energy hearing” (March 11 Eagle): Perhaps unsurprisingly, the study conducted by the Koch-funded professor, Randy Simmons, and his colleague has major errors. Once these errors are corrected, my analysis shows that renewable energy portfolio standards (RPS), which require that a certain percentage of electricity come from renewable sources, create hundreds of jobs and save consumers millions of dollars.

The first error in the Koch study is that it uses very outdated wind energy costs. Wind has significantly declined in cost, thanks to technological innovation and a robust American manufacturing base. Once the study’s figures are corrected with recent, affordable wind energy prices, one finds that Kansas wind has created 400 jobs and will save consumers $20 million in 2020.

The second error in the Koch study is that it attempts to blame economic damage from the Great Recession on the RPS. The top 10 states for wind energy have actually seen both increases in economic performance that are higher than other states and smaller increases in electric prices than other states.

Wind-rich Kansas can benefit both economically and environmentally by turning its natural resources into power.



American Wind Energy Association

Washington, D.C.

Longwell for mayor

Wichita mayoral candidate Jeff Longwell has proved his commitment to the citizens of the community.

His 12 years on the Maize school board showed his determination to provide the best education possible to all. His eight years on the Wichita City Council have demonstrated his ability to work openly with other council members to reach consensus to provide needed services with a diminished budget.

When Longwell disagrees, he publicly states his position for the record. He openly opposed the increased sales tax while knowing a solution must be found. He has expressed a willingness to work with others to reach funding solutions.

Longwell is the least politically connected candidate and knows he is accountable to the citizens. Candidate Sam Williams is a member of a local politically active special-interest group, the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce. He is its past chairman, served on its political action committee until recently, and has a lobbyist as his campaign chairman. Good-old-boy network? (If it looks like a duck, etc., etc.)

Longwell has the ability, experience, dedication and determination to move Wichita forward. Vote Jeff Longwell for mayor.



Shocking letter

What a shocker. Not the Wichita State University superstars but the great letter “Tired of it all” (March 6 Letters to the Editor), about feeling fatigued by The Eagle editorial staff and other liberals. No doubt – it was one of the best opinion letters for ages in The Eagle.

How did such a letter ever get printed? Did someone accidentally slip up? If so, I thank the person.



Tired of bashing

So a letter writer is tired of liberal Democrats, etc. (“Tired of it all,” March 6 Letters to the Editor). I’m tired of the President Obama-bashing by Republicans that has been going on since he was elected. This has been constant, especially by Fox News and its team of nuts.

I think The Eagle editorial staff does a good job telling it like it is. Republicans would love to shut down the media speaking against them. They also want to limit Democrats’ voting rights and resort to sleazy campaigning, as Gov. Sam Brownback did against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis.



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