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Letters on free contraception, WSU free speech, higher ground

Free contraception would be a win-win

Trust Women South Wind Women’s Center has been offering free long-acting contraception to women with low incomes or without insurance (April 1 Eagle). The program was funded by an anonymous donor, but the state should consider expanding and funding the program.

One way to decrease KanCare’s cost, with a net benefit to the state, would be to offer free, long-acting reversible birth control to women of childbearing age.

That sounds counterintuitive, but Colorado tried it and found that for every dollar it invested in preventing unwanted pregnancies, an estimated $5.85 was saved in the birth-related Medicaid costs of pregnancy, delivery and early childhood care. It also had the added benefit of reducing Colorado’s teenage birth rate by 40 percent and its abortion rate by 42 percent.

Though it wasn’t measured in Colorado’s experiment, reducing unwanted pregnancies should reduce the social costs of poverty, damaged lives, crime and poor education. Providing free contraception to women who need it is a win-win situation for everyone.

J.C. Moore, Kechi

Allow free speech

My wife and I are both Wichita State graduates. We are strong supporters of Shocker athletics and have endowed two scholarships at WSU.

The WSU student senate recently voted not to recognize Young Americans for Liberty. I know little about this group, except they are libertarian. The reason for denial was concern that this organization promotes “hate speech.”

I am a Cuban-American and often see students, athletes and entertainers wear T-shirts with pictures of Che Guevara or Fidel Castro. Talk about hate and oppression. However, I fully respect their right to wear them and express themselves, even though they are very offensive to me.

I had read about protests at other universities around the country and hoped that WSU would rise above the rest and maintain an open forum for all kinds of ideas, even the ones that some may think are distasteful or hateful. After all, that is the true test of free speech.

I am in no way defending YAL. For that matter, I would say the same thing if it had been a far left, socialist or other type of political or activist organization. Let all sides peacefully speak and voice their opinions in an open and free environment.

Gus Campuzano, Wichita

Higher ground

We see the things of pleasure and fall in love with them, while becoming progressively blind to the highest values in life. We pride ourselves for supposed success, while denying pitiful powerlessness.

How tragic to cast our assets into the ignoble and transient, which pass away quickly like a vapor. That’s been true for my life more often than I would like to remember.

Some know that there really is a higher ground, if only we could all choose Him. Because I have, my heart is renewed with hope, love, joy, peace.

The hour is late; shadows are deepening, but the nail-pierced Shepherd is still calling. Will you hear that voice and open your heart?

Gloria Watkins, Wichita

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