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Letters on Trump, Brownback’s experiment


Trump’s proposals will do little good

Except for infrastructure spending, which we need badly, I heard little in President Trump’s proposals that will do the country much good.

He wants to lower a tax rate that few companies pay in the first place. He wants to replace the Affordable Care Act – which is flawed. But instead of making it better, he’d rather offer heath care saving accounts and tax credits, which do nothing for folks who cannot afford either.

But his silliest idea is an increase in military spending. By his own admission, we have spent trillions of dollars over the past 15 years trying to stabilize a Middle East we destabilized in the first place. All we have to show for it is broken-hearted widows, such as the Navy SEAL’s wife who Trump had on display Tuesday night. What makes him think another trillion and more heartbreak will do the trick? It won’t.

I’m a veteran, but I have no interest in spending more money on wars we can’t win in the conventional sense. This is an ideological fight, not a military one.

Worse, Trump wants to cut domestic spending to add to the military. When the debt climbs to $25 trillion, he’ll say, “No worries, my domestic policies will grow our way out of the deficit.”

We’ve seen this thinking from our governor, and we see how well that’s worked out.

Kathleen Butler, Wichita

Trump on our side

The same media that is hounding President Trump are the same ideological malcontents that gave President Obama a free pass for eight lost years of American history. Finally, the middle class has a friend in the White House.

If you like welfare, food stamps or unchecked borders, Obama is the man for you. But if you work for a living or own your own business, Trump is on your side. Despite media hype, the age of the working man has arrived, as personified by Trump.

No more apologies will be accepted from America-hating elitists and the clueless children they foster on college campuses.

The American worker will no longer be held hostage to insane regulations by runaway bureaucracies such as the Environmental Protection Agency or rogue tax collectors in the IRS who have been weaponized by Democrats to suppress political opposition.

The Democratic Party cares more about the rights of illegal aliens than your children being able to walk safely down the streets of their own neighborhoods.

Whether they sit on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals or the city councils of sanctuary cities, it is time to push aside these apostate Americans and take our country back.

Gregory H. Bontrager, Hutchinson

Stand up to Trump

These past few weeks should have provided an obvious confirmation to any aware citizen that our new presidential administration is mired in the muck. But it is what it is, so how do we now initiate any appropriate response?

It is up to the judicial and legislative branches to provide the executive branch with positive guidance.

The courts are now leading the way to rein in an unconstitutional executive order on immigration based on racism and nationalistic overviews. Now the elected Congress must intervene on behalf of the American people to ensure all aspects of our proven democracy are enforced.

Congress must make sure all accepted standards are met in regards to compliance with the laws pertaining to any government official having fiduciary gain while in office. This means that both Republicans and Democrats need to stand up to affirm that President Trump must, by law, provide recent tax returns and divest himself of all commercial interests, both domestic and foreign.

The Trump corporation logo and brand must be removed from all buildings everywhere – hotels, golf courses, casinos, restaurants and products by any family member involved for personal gain. Any profits accrued by these businesses should go directly to our national treasury.

Del Rediker, El Dorado

Nothing left

The writer of “Stop big taxers” (March 1 Letters to the Editor) needn’t worry. By the time Gov. Sam Brownback steps down, there won’t be anything left for anyone to inherit but a bunch of potholes and raided funds.

Brownback’s “experiment” will leave Kansas in financial ruin and is a textbook example of how not to govern a state.

Dan Gentry, Andover

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