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What about ‘life savings’ at pools?

We’ve all heard of suspicious deaths – when a body is buried before there is time for an autopsy or an investigation into what really happened. I’m afraid that’s what happened when the Wichita City Council voted to close most of our neighborhood pools before allowing adequate time for public discussion and debate (Feb. 22 Eagle).

Yes, I understand that there were cost savings involved. What about the “life savings” involved in this issue?

I took swimming lessons at Fairmount Park in the early 1950s and never really became an accomplished swimmer. But I always felt that I could save myself or perhaps another person from a tight spot in water.

The water playground fountains will provide nothing that a child cannot do at home using a garden hose with a sprinkler attached. They provide only water dabbling, with no real skills taught and no real exercise.

In a civilized society, we strive to reach out to help the disadvantaged around us and provide a margin of safety for everybody. Shouldn’t our City Council have felt an obligation to make swimming lessons an easy commute for children in their own neighborhoods whenever possible?

The city’s proposal to pay the YMCA $5,000 annually for swimming vouchers will at best fall short of meeting this need.

We elect these people, lest we forget.

Don Maxey, Wichita

No bikes in park

Horseback riders in and around Wichita once again have to defend Pawnee Prairie Park, the only park within 120 miles where it is safe to ride a horse. Why is it safe? Because bicycles are not allowed there.

While the city of Wichita closes swimming pools due to lack of funding, City Council member Jeff Blubaugh wants to spend money to “improve” Pawnee Prairie Park so that bicycles have access to it. College Hill Park recently banned bicycles. Why? Safety.

If you are a hiker or horseback rider, you know how dangerous it is to have bicycles zipping around. Horses are afraid of bikes, especially in a low visibility setting such as among trees.

The city already made bike lanes and bike paths throughout Wichita, plus created Air Capital Memorial Park for bicycles (horses not allowed there). Why does Blubaugh think it necessary to ruin a nature park that was created for and by horseback riders? He says it is so children in the neighborhood can have a “shared use” park where they can ride their bikes.

Allowing bikes in Pawnee Prairie Park would disturb the wildlife living there.

Sue Lamberson, Clearwater

Forum no-shows

I and about 130 other Kansas citizens who attended a town meeting at the Alford Branch Library last Tuesday evening were distressed that neither Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., nor Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., saw fit to be there, or even deign to recognize our existence by sending a representative from their offices.

The senators knew of the meeting, which was planned by the Women’s March-Air Capital group in Wichita. They were even rumored to be in the area.

Perhaps they didn’t come because they, themselves, didn’t organize the meeting. If so, why don’t they organize one? We live in the largest city in Kansas, and they are our elected officials.

We call their offices and, if we can get through at all, the staff lecture us rather than take our comments. We send e-mails and get back form letters that don’t address the issue we wrote about. We go to town meetings, and you don’t show up.

Frankly, they leave us with the impression that they don’t care about us.

What do we, their constituents, have to do for them to listen to our concerns?

Allison Lemons, Wichita

A state of mind

It sounds as though President Trump bases his entire world view on television. I guess Chauncey Gardner from the novel “Being There” gets to be president after all.

CL Walter, El Dorado

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