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Letters on renewable fuel standard, open carry, Trump

Winners, losers in U.S. fuel policy

Due to requirements under the government-mandated renewable fuel standard, Kansas has seen a boost in corn and ethanol production in recent years. However, despite the success of the RFS thus far, the design of the program by Congress could actually work against the Kansas farmer and economy after 2022.

The RFS sets minimum requirements for renewable fuels such as corn-based ethanol, cellulosic and advanced biofuels to be blended into the nation’s fuel supply. However, the Environmental Protection Agency will gain unfettered control over the RFS in 2023. Cutting or eliminating corn ethanol from the mandate would force refiners to shift their biofuel blending to advanced and cellulosic biofuels, which would devastate Kansas’ corn and ethanol industry and hike prices for consumers.

Regardless of which political party controls the EPA, the future is filled with uncertainty for Kansas farmers, ethanol producers and our state’s economy. The federal government should not be allowed to pick winners and losers in Kansas. The government should get out of the business altogether and allow a free fuel market to return balance to the industry.

Aaron Norris, Goddard

Breakdown data

Police seek answers as aggravated assaults rise” (Feb. 12 Insight) stated that “aggravated assaults involving guns have soared in Wichita since a state law took effect in 2014 allowing people who can legally possess a gun to have it within reach.” This specious statement targeted the state’s open carry law and was written in a manner to guide the reader to conclude that the assaults were all committed by legal carriers. But later the article reported that not all of the aggravated assault cases in Wichita involved guns.

The best way to report something is to gather all of the data and report it truthfully. The Eagle reporter, Wichita police Lt. Jeff Gilmore and Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay should collaborate and provide a truer representative breakdown of the data.

Of all the assaults recorded, how many were committed using something other than a firearm? Of those involving a firearm, how many were by legal carriers? How many were by illegal carriers? How many were committed by illegal immigrants? How many were gang related?

I’m all for more education related to firearms. Whatever the subject, full knowledge of and continual practice of related principles are the keys to being prepared.

Michael Crabtree, Wichita

Upset with Trump

I read with interest a recent letter taking columnist Davis Merritt to task for intimating that Donald Trump was not the best choice for president and that he has shunned any type of sage advice (“Pleased with Trump,” Feb. 12 Letters to the Editor).

Let me see if I can clarify why Merritt and most Americans are upset with Trump’s election and the actions he has so far taken.

He has nominated (and many have been confirmed) probably the worst set of advisers in American history, including: a secretary of education who never attended public school, never sent her children to public school and, in fact, wishes to take funds from already cash-strapped public schools to give to private schools that would teach creationism and other beliefs instead of factual information; a secretary of state who is in bed with the Russians; an attorney general who was refused a judgeship due to his racist views and actions; a person in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency who wishes to weaken the agency so that polluting industries are free to rape and pillage the earth at will.

Trump also put in place a top adviser, Steve Bannon, who has links to white supremacists. And the list goes on.

Trump issued a ban on immigration from seven countries from which not a single person has committed an act of terrorism against the United States, but he ignored the countries from which terrorists have come.

He wants to build a wall on our border at a projected cost of about $25 billion. He also has disparaged allies, such as Mexico and Australia, and praised adversaries, such as Russia.

He has stated that he wants to cut taxes on the very wealthy, who are the only group that has benefited from huge tax cuts over the course of the past 30 years.

Jim Giles, Wichita

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