Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on communism, Ike airport

Communism still threat to liberty

When Mitt Romney said that Russia was our greatest threat, many people laughed. These same people seemed surprised when Russia’s puppet government in the Ukraine killed protesters. Many people were also surprised when reports of human rights abuses came out of North Korea, China’s close ally.

This is what communism is all about – abusing civil liberties. The Cold War may have cooled off, but as long as there are communist leaders looking for a path to world domination, it is not over.

Communism still lives and is the greatest threat to our liberties. Radical Islamists would love to destroy all the infidels in the world and make the world safe for Islam, but they don’t have the industrial capacity to do so. The communist nations we trade with, such as China, are slowly getting there. Trade helps a nation’s economy more than anything, and a trade surplus builds wealth in that nation.

Trading with the world’s largest economy is a plus for any nation. Should we not use this as leverage to detour this threat to our liberties?



Why rename?

It has been interesting following the written commentary surrounding the renaming of Wichita Mid-Continent Airport.

Dwight Eisenhower was indeed a great military commander, but it was widely rumored that he had an affair during his stint as supreme Allied commander. Does that speak to character? He was born in Texas, went to elementary and high school in Abilene, and upon leaving to attend West Point, never really returned home. He spent his retirement living in Gettysburg, Pa. There are seven airports in and around Gettysburg. Do you want to hazard a guess as to whether any of those are named after Ike?

Given the economic state of affairs in Wichita, it bothers me that we will spend any money renaming the airport. What do you say to those city employees who have lost their jobs? There are no financial benefits attached to renaming the airport. The least City Council members should have done was let the residents of Wichita vote on the matter.

Shame on those who voted for this measure. The $140,000 cost would fill more than a few potholes in Wichita.



New name overdue

It was long overdue to change the name of our airport. The old name serves no purpose other than to indicate to the traveling public that we are located in the middle of the “flyover” country.

“Well done” to all those involved in the process to achieve this change. The critics would do well to remember what Dwight Eisenhower stood for, who he was, and why Kansas is proud of him.