Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on nurse practitioners, Shockers

Nurse practitioners part of solution

As a health care professional, I was encouraged to read in the Progress 2014 insert about how GraceMed plans to open a clinic to care for the medically underserved in south Wichita (March 2 Eagle). I applaud the medical residents who plan to serve there, but I noticed that there was no mention of how advanced nurse practitioners might be utilized to reach the underserved as well.

Currently, 17 states have passed legislation allowing nurse practitioners to practice without the oversight of a physician. A Kansas bill to allow this, Senate Bill 326, has stalled in committee. If this bill passes, nurse practitioners who have completed advanced training would have the opportunity to open primary-care practices on their own, allowing thousands of Kansans access to safe, effective and affordable health care.

Support is needed to show legislators that this is an important issue and that nurse practitioners are a viable solution to provider shortages. Please contact Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook, R-Shawnee, chairwoman of the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee, to request that this piece of vital legislation be allowed to have a hearing (Mary.PilcherCook@senate.ks.gov).



Basketball clinic

Every high school and college basketball coach should get a DVD of the WSU/Evansville game on Feb. 7, with chapters on assists, blocking, open passing lanes, rebounding, screening, shot selection, stealing the ball, and knowing your teammates and how they position themselves. I have never seen these skills performed better. It was as if they were filming a basketball clinic.



Finest ambassadors

I have been a WSU Shocker fan since the 1960s, listening on the radio to the likes of Warren Armstrong, Ron Soft and Terry Benton. I met my wife at WSU, and we remained Shocker fans even after leaving Wichita for New York City in 1984.

While living in New York, we followed the team for years on TV and in the papers. We attended the 2006 Sweet 16 game in Washington, D.C. After moving to Florida, we attended the 2013 Final Four game in Atlanta, calling the school for tickets to sit with the yellow and black.

After spending last weekend in St. Louis for the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament – watching great basketball, our fans, our students, our team and our coaches – I have no doubt that Wichita State has produced and is producing the finest ambassadors for Wichita.

After the game, I watched coach Gregg Marshall go to each section of fans and mouth the words “thank you.” He not only coaches basketball, he coaches life. It is evident in his players, and it has rubbed off on Shocker fans and students. This only makes me prouder to say, “I am from Wichita.”


Tampa, Fla.