Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on concealed-carry, GOP hijacking, free enterprise, slots at dog track, MLK event

Don’t function as security officers

I was appalled to see that the organizers of the Kansas Republican convention not only requested that the Hyatt Regency Hotel allow concealed-carry guns when they met there, but that it was a condition for their use of the facility (Jan. 24 Eagle). Though I realize that this is partly a symbolic move to emphasize gun rights as part of the Republican platform, it is also an example of conceal-carry gun owners wanting to function as security in a public building.

I, too, fear the mass shootings that take place in this country, and I want protection that prevents these tragedies from happening. I understand that some gun owners want the freedom to protect themselves in public areas. But if individuals around me and my family are able to carry concealed weapons and use them at their discretion, I’m even more afraid. The chances for misperceptions of a situation, heated exchanges, and missed targets are just too great when gun owners see themselves as public security officers.

To me, the purpose of concealed-carry is to protect oneself from a threat when there is no security. If the Republicans are worried that the Hyatt is an unsafe facility to hold their convention, they should insist that the hotel enhance the security already in place rather than demand the right to function as security officers themselves.



GOP hijacked

Could it be that the Kansas GOP is really a third party in disguise?

Whatever the reason, third party candidates across the nation have never fared well. Yes, independents have been elected here and there, but for the most part, right or wrong, the United States is made up of Republicans and Democrats.

After reading “Moderates scarce at state GOP meeting” (Jan. 26 Eagle), I believe even more so that the extreme right has, in fact, hijacked the Republican Party. I don’t believe for a second that recent defections mean a change of heart, but they do indicate a need and, yes, a desire to compromise.

When will Republicans grasp that the real conservative agenda is total capitulation? I hope soon.



Where’s the jobs?

If the unemployed and underemployed ever want to see an economy with real jobs to be had, we first have to put a stop to President Obama’s overregulation and taxation of business. Stop his spending of money we don’t have. Stop the overtaxation of the working class. Then we must repeal the North American Free Trade Agreement and the General Agreement on Tariffs and abolish the Federal Reserve scam.

These actions would result in an economic boom that would rival the best that America has ever seen. It would usher in the free-market prosperity that made America the envy of the world before progressives got into positions of power.

With free enterprise, unfettered by overregulation and taxation, all people have a chance to improve their situation. With the progressive plan, only the ones at the top prosper. The rest of us are at the bottom with little or no hope.

Obama and his ilk are the worst enemies of the poor, because they plan on keeping the poor there. Why do you think the lines of the poor are growing, not shrinking?



Vote on slots

Let’s vote on whether to allow slot machines at Wichita Greyhound Park (“Operator to try again for slots,” Jan. 22 Eagle). We see the huge benefits of the Sumner County casino. If the Legislature passes a bill this year, then the Sedgwick County Commission decides whether to have a vote.

A decent job is one of the more important things in a person’s life. Slots would create about 500 jobs, and park operator Phil Ruffin would invest between $50 million and $100 million to renovate the facility. This is his own money, by the way – no government incentives requested or involved.

Let our county commissioners know if you are interested in getting to vote to allow slots.



Best event ever

On behalf of the Kansas African American Museum’s staff and board of directors, I’d like to thank our event partners and the Wichita community for making our latest Martin Luther King Jr. memorial our biggest and most successful King event ever.

Thank you to Wiley College (Marshall, Texas). Its phenomenal choir reintroduced us to the pain and nobility of our ancestors, and their smiling faces gave us a glimpse of a bright future.

Thank you, Rev. Wade Moore and Christian Faith Centre, for allowing us to be a part of your pancake breakfast and parade. Thank you, Rev. Junius Dotson and St. Mark United Methodist Church, for playing host.

Thank you, Sherdeill Breathett, associate pastor of St. Mark, and Jeff Gannon, pastor of Chapel Hill United Methodist Church, for the ebony-and-ivory, co-emcee duty that night.

And thank you, Wichita community. You provided the talented people who wrote and performed a skit about King’s final hours. You produced the amazing Keanon Brinkley of Andover High School, who delivered a soaring and masterful oratory. And you shared the hundreds of others, of all races and walks of life, who filled the venue.


Executive Director

Kansas African American Museum