Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on concealed-carry, Benghazi, clean water, faded paint

Reconsider vote on concealed-carry

As we celebrate the birth and work of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., it is good to honor the nonviolence and compassion that led his mission. At the same time, he was a victim of a growing culture of violence, fatally shot with one bullet. The glorification of the so-called right to bear arms has continued.

In my opinion, the legislative action and resulting December Wichita City Council decision to allow firearms into virtually every public facility in the city are immoral and potentially tragic, and perhaps could be seen as illegal. Child endangerment is a crime in Kansas. It is a crime in Wichita. But “child endangerment” is exactly what this state and City Council are practicing if the December decision on concealed-carry is allowed to stand.

The U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment is often used to support the “freedom to carry guns” folks. Here are the first three words of that amendment: “A well regulated.…”

I ask the City Council: Does your December decision reflect a well-regulated firearm policy for the well-being of all of the citizens of Wichita? In the name of reason, safety, justice and humanity, please reconsider your concealed-carry vote and ask the state for a four-year exemption from the current state law.



Protect water

The recent chemical spill in Charleston, W.Va., is an ominous reminder of the importance of protecting natural resources – clean water being the most valuable and vulnerable of them all.

Our world struggles to meet growing water demands with a dwindling and increasingly polluted supply, yet people continue to respond with a “there’s nothing I can do about it” attitude. I challenge that. If just one person had spotted and raised alarm about the deteriorating chemical tank in Charleston, a 7,500-gallon spill may not have occurred.

We know that clean water is necessary to all living things, but we sometimes forget to include ourselves in that category. We would be wise to learn from our neighbors in West Virginia. All politics and profit margins aside, clean water makes healthy, happy lives possible. The same cannot always be said for money.



Libya truth, lies

The headline “Senate report: CIA beefed up security before attacks” was entirely misleading (Jan. 16 Eagle). Why did U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens reject offers for increased security in Benghazi? If your boss told you “no” to requests and a different department came and offered to do what your boss said “no” to, what would you do?

The article didn’t say that the administration knew it was a terrorist attack minutes after it started yet blamed it on a video for weeks. Oh, I forgot – The Eagle allows this administration to lie and not tell the truth.

The Senate report blamed the Libyan government for not helping. Libya said it was a terrorist attack, and then this administration came out and embarrassed it by going on the Sunday talk shows and saying it was a response to a video. Administration officials are just showing us what they think of us. How is the administration’s Middle East outreach going?

Where is that reporting? If President Bush had done this, the headlines would have read, “Bush lies.” The Constitution was written so a free press would keep the government accountable. But when the press is complicit, we lose our freedoms. Shame on The Eagle.



Faded paint

I recently visited my wonderful hometown, Wichita, but I was frustrated by the faded or nonexistent paint on the roadways. The areas I traveled were East Central, downtown and Riverside, and the yellow and white paint was very hard to see. Come on, Wichita – let’s add this finishing touch to an already world-class city.


Monroeville, N.J.