Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on way forward, GOP image, PJs in public

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Start a different way forward

We have all read about the woman who was robbed of her wedding ring while suffering an aneurysm in a drive-through. Later we learned that three 19-year-old boys were arrested and charged with robbery in this dastardly and heartbreaking crime. It sends an arrow of pain and anguish through us all, especially the woman’s family, that this could happen.

In many small ways – and not to diminish the pain foisted upon this family – we will all pay a price. We will pay for the trials of the boys and, if found guilty, for their incarceration. We will all walk a bit more afraid of that stranger we see. We will be more afraid and angry at the society we have created for ourselves.

I don’t know what can be done or even if anything should be done. However, I know that locking up the boys, if they are found guilty, is not going to solve our societal problems. It only punishes those who are guilty of this particular crime. Until we can understand and come to grips with segments of our society that we are locking up at greater and greater rates, we will forever be reading these stories.

We have turned our backs to the poor, the poorly educated and the different. Until we address this, our path will be the same. We are despised by segments of our society because we despise them. Someone needs to turn the other cheek and start a different way forward.



Care for rich

Anyone who has paid attention to the record of Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., knows that when he talks of “compromise,” he means by the “other side” and not “us.” But he is on the right page concerning the GOP image (“Moran says GOP needs to work on image,” Jan. 8 WE Blog excerpts).

Republicans have always cared more for the upper-income citizens. But that will never change. It’s who they are, who pays for their campaigns to convince middle-class conservatives to sell out their own class for their bosses’ benefit.



No PJs in public

I am seeing more and more people who seem to think it is OK to go out in public wearing pajama bottoms. They think it is some kind of fashion statement.

Well, take it from someone who is tired of seeing it: Wearing pajama bottoms makes people look ridiculous. They are not a substitute for a pair of jeans or sweatpants.

Pajama bottoms should be worn only inside. Will the day eventually come when businesses have to put up signs that read, “No shoes, no shirt, no pants, no service”? It may have to come to that if people continue to think that pajamas are appropriate attire in which to shop.