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Support Pompeo

As a Wichita State University student, I know the world is continuing to get smaller, but it’s also getting more dangerous. I want to inherit a more peaceful world, but that means America can’t embrace weakness and appeasement.

That’s why Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, is exciting and inspiring to me. He is working hard to keep America strong and secure.

Pompeo is a leading critic of President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, a country that has become more dangerous and radical. He actually discovered the secret side deals with Iran, and authored legislation to stop the deal from moving forward. In the past few months, his concerns have sadly been realized. Iran test fired ballistic missiles and captured 10 U.S. Navy sailors, forcing them on their knees, hands on their heads.

A regular presence on our campus (and not just at the basketball games), Pompeo freely shares ideas and solutions with students. Fellow students might not always agree with him on every policy point, but they know him to be smart and articulate and someone who is passionately working on things that matter to all Kansans.

I hope you join me in supporting Mike Pompeo on Nov. 8.

Eugene Potts, Wichita

Vote for Giroux

Dan Giroux is the clear choice for U.S. House of Representatives. Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, as part of the “do nothing” Congress, has done nothing. He voted to shut down the government to make a point, depriving thousands of workers and businesses of income without losing any pay himself. I plan to help make my own point by voting for Giroux.

Janet Montgomery, Mulvane

Trump’s rantings

The commission of treason used to be a crime in this country. The illegal fraternization with our sworn enemies used to be a crime. Sedition used to be a crime. Encouraging others to commit sedition used to be a crime. Income tax evasion used to be a crime. The commission of hate crimes used to be a crime.

Donald Trump does each of these.

The old adage warns that the best thing for evil is for good men to do nothing. Our leaders have done nothing to stop Trump’s evil.

Even when Trump loses he does more damage to the country and the Constitution with his attacks and lies and falsehoods.

In the past, Trump would have been committed as insane for his rantings. Oh, how I long for the past.

Dan Rickel, Wichita

Oust four justices

On Nov. 8, Kansas voters have the perfect opportunity to oust four Kansas Supreme Court justices who insist on reinventing the Kansas Constitution as they legislate from the bench. The only Supreme Court justice on the ballot worth retaining is Caleb Stegall; the others do not honor Kansas values.

Many concerns about these activist judges have been voiced by others. My chief worry is that they are poised to rule abortion a state constitutional right, which would allow for the dismembering of fully formed unborn children in mid-pregnancy, tearing them limb-to-limb while alive and able to feel pain. Our elected Legislature overwhelming approved a ban on this barbaric procedure. This right to kill does not, and should never, exist in our state constitution.

Tom Sanders, Wichita

Retain five justices

Do we want to give Gov. Sam Brownback control over the Kansas Supreme Court? That is what could happen if we do not vote “yes” to retain our current justices.

We all learn in school that the government is made up of three separate but equal branches: the executive, the legislative and the judicial. Of these three branches, the courts are the only entity that is not swayed by political ideology. It upholds the Kansas Constitution, and it is there to make sure justice is rendered and individual rights are protected. This is not always popular but it is vital to our rights and freedom.

We have the deepest sympathy for the victims of terrible crimes and their survivors. Contrary to what many believe, the men who committed these crimes have not had their verdicts overturned. They are still in prison and will never be free.

This is not about capital punishment. It is about adequate funding of our schools. The governor is using this issue to gain power over the courts. Stand up to Brownback and vote “yes” to retain all five of the justices.

Annie Wilson, Leon

Becky Weston, Augusta

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